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  • ...And get more out of Viral Card with Winning Ads...

    Today I want to quickly mention 'card surfing' at Winning Ads.

    With card surfing I've combined my two new websites, Winning Ads and Viral Card.

    Viral Cards are online business cards. They are virtual, viral and monetized, and now you can view activated Viral Cards at Winning Ads to earn credits for the daily top 50 ranking. When you have your Viral Card activated then it will be promoted for free at Winning Ads where other members can find your Viral Card too.

    Viral Cards are a great marketing tool and they will become much more popular in the coming months and years.

    If you don't have your Viral Card already, activate yours here for only $5 for the first year: https://viralcard.xyz

    Log in today at Winning Ads to view Viral Cards and to surf the Daily Lap: https://winningads.xyz/login

    Have a great day everyone!


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