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  • My All Time Sponsorship Record in my 37 year networking career was 19 people in one day. What is yours? Any Serious People LEFT who want to take on the challenge of filling 12 Generations 3 wide with me in 12 days? Break down the numbers. Flip the matrix upside down. It is just that simple 12 generations of 3 getting 3. Millionaire Status is Obtainable IF YOU BELIEVE. YES There are NO LIMITS. I have sponsored someone in my career 30 years ago where we ordered a SEMI Load of Sales Kits to be delivered to his office and he put in 389 front line day 1 and 50,000 people in the group within 2 years. DO YOU HAVE A DREAM? ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? SERIOUS people who will put in 3 to 389 will tell me in a private message everything in these quotes "I AM UP FOR THE CHALLENGE! Please Let Me See What We Are Going To Do To Become MILLIONAIRES!", and tell me your Dream and Why, and I will share the Biz Plan with you! Let's WIN BIG! Reach out to me here or
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  • 12 Generations of 3 people saying YES would be all it would take to max out the Matrix. Just that simple. Coded Fast Starts begin with your 3rd Personal Infinity Wide, and their first 2 are coded to you and their first 2 and their first 2 to Infinity Deep. All people stay with their sponsor in the matrix, but Coded Fast Starts are BEAUTIFUL. Everyone in the Entire World can participate in the Business and promote it to anyone in the World. Everyone on Planet Earth likes to Save Money. Everyone on Planet Earth will Love The DEEP DISCOUNTS on all things Travel. United States People and other countries where available will ALSO love saving money on EVERYTHING. The Average American can save $5,000 a year with this membership. Check out my Blog, watch the videos, and click the button to go to my website with the company to learn all about it.

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  • Aug 20th 2020 at 2:14 PM
    GET IN for as little as $1

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    This business is LOADED with SAVINGS WORLDWIDE. Everyone can participate in the business WORLDWIDE. Unlimited Potential for Significant Income. Check out my other blog post that is loaded with details

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  • JOIN THIS BUSINESS FOR FREE and you can build Unlimited Width 7 generations of Residual Income Potential. Everyone getting 5 on 7 generations is a potential of around $100,000 Per Month. $1.2 Million Per Year. Anyone in the world can participate in promoting this and whenever anyone in the United States and other countries where it can be shipped places an order, it will build an income for those promoting it. Different levels of Automatic Ordering can be done which increases income potential. Get more details at

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  • New Social Network GEARED for Business People. Powerful Compensation Plan with 100% MATCHING. HUGE POTENTIAL.
    Grab an Account Here by clicking the link or the image which should have my link in it. Look for coachlyle on the registration form

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  • WOW! Have you ever seen a Comp Plan that has the potential of $XX,XXX,XXX.XX Annually. Yes, top end potential of Tens of Millions Annually but actually has No Limits because of Unlimited Width and Depth Coded Fast Starts! Everyone Needs What it Has Too. Worldwide. Send a message to me with your Email address or Send an Email to me at and I will reply with an explanation and website links.

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