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  • Tapestri App ~ Affiliate Program ~ What You Should Know!
    To start, Tapestri is a technology company that has created a new Free App which is being released in July of 2021. Unlike other free apps you’ve downloaded, this one will pay you for your anonymous data information.

    And yes, I said “anonymous”. No need to get all up in arms thinking you are being spied on, or your every move watched and recorded. This isn’t about invading your personal privacy, selling it, using it in demeaning ways or worse yet, doing harm to you or your loved ones.

    The CEO has taken every precaution to keep this extremely safe, using very strict regulatory guidelines to protect you, all while collecting data, that other large companies have been doing all along (behind your back no less) and are being paid. You didn’t know that, did you! Now YOU will be paid instead of them.

    Did you know that YOUR “Data” is more valuable than oil? Check out this Forbes Article if you have doubts.

    Let’s face it, when you download free apps, (and who hasn’t at some time?) or use Maps, the Weather App, Facebook, Instagram, the list goes on and on… If it was FREE to download, then YOU Are The Product! Even apps you’ve paid for are being tracked and revenue earned by the big guys.. .

    All these apps are tracked, collected as anonymous data from each one of us and is being SOLD For Billions of Dollars, but what are we getting? Nothing, Nada, ZERO $.

    Tapestri is going to change all that, and permanently!

    The Tapestri app, which is FREE, is an app that you can download in either the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, (starting in July 2021). It will not ask you for anything you aren’t currently giving away, but instead… You Will Be Getting Paid!

    Now who wouldn’t like a little extra cash coming in each month? I know I sure wouldn’t mind seeing some FREE cash every single month! Have you ever come up short just before payday? I’m sure many of you can say yes to that statement. That’s when an extra $25 would have come in real handy, don’t you agree?
    You as the consumer, (or affiliate, should you sign up to their affiliate program) will download the Tapestri App, totally for FREE. No gimmicks, no tricks, no strings attached, no hidden traps. This is NOT a scam.

    It will silently and seamlessly run in the background while you go about daily life. Nothing will change, except one thing…

    Your wallet. You will be earning between $5-$25 monthly just for doing the things you’ve always done on your phone.
    Share the Tapestri App with a friend and you will earn $1 per month just for referring them to the app. And this will go on forever, as long as the app is installed and the “App Location” is set to “Always”. Refer as many friends as you like, there are no limits or dollars you can earn. Imagine this for a second….

    Let’s say you told 25 friends. 10 family members. 10 close relatives. 10 distant relatives. And let’s throw in a few strangers (let’s say 10 for posterity sake) you bump into now and then and you feel brave to share this news. Maybe you have some great connections online or at work, let’s add another 35. All these individuals downloaded the app because they like the sounds of getting FREE money every month for doing nothing but living life.

    That adds up to a whopping $100 dollars, every month.

    Now let’s say you are quite active on your phone, so you end up being paid $25 for having the app on your phone, and doing nothing but living life. Your grand total each month would be $125 in your pocket, for doing nothing, but living life!

    Ok, this is just a scenario, could be less, but has the potential to be much more. But you get my point, right? Sign up for the affiliate side of this, and the numbers will far exceed the above.

    If earning the above sounds good, and you want to earn even more, keep reading to learn how our affiliate program can help you earn significantly greater money. There is potential to earn more than enough to be able to quit that job you don’t care for, or fulfill your dream to work at home so you can have more time with your family or yourself.

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