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  • Feb 17th 2022 at 6:15 AM

    I'm nervous!
    I can't control myself!
    Does the accumulated stress give me such states?
    Contribute ...
    He is not fully responsible.
    Yesterday's working day ...
    Very mentally demanding.
    Many cases to solve.
    Different situations.
    Fast moving time.
    In the evening, 12 hours at work ...
    I look like I came from the war.
    It's good that today ...
    It all came down to negotiating.
    War does not bring anything good ...
    For nobody.
    That is why there is dialogue.
    There are other ways to earn ...
    What tyranny lies ...
    He wants to take over the usual monopoly.
    Of the manipulation of the determining territories.
    Pressure on the psyche.
    Brought by the exposed exterior of man.
    I don't understand him either.
    Leading him to hysteria.
    Uncontrolled panic attacks.
    Excluding the fact that ...
    The only hard word is:

    - " I know nothing!"

    - "I've seen that too!"

    It's hard to pass up that science of help.
    It is too underdeveloped in our world.

    Not adding good things to us.
    Don't think about sin.
    We don't realize that any information ...
    The date at the right time can be life-saving.

    All this has led to uncontrolled crises.
    Carriers of internal diseases.
    No help from people.
    The divinity having the maritime role.
    Prayer being timely.

    Today's training ...
    It makes me very nervous.
    Nothing suits me.
    It's like I'm a pregnant woman.
    It prevents menopause.
    Andropause is very late for me.
    I was very happy ...
    That it was a day of arms.

    Maximum focus!
    Concentration brought to power.
    An external force for an execution ...
    In the force of breathing.
    A real muscle soreness ...
    At each execution of the exercises ...
    Biceps and triceps brachii being forced to grow.
    Pump up!
    Feeling too high a swelling.

    Having the feeling of growing arm muscles.
    Reconciliation with me ...
    Moving from very nervous ...
    Through many curses ...
    For being stress relieving and nervous.
    I'm getting more nervous.

    The exteriorization being of another nature.
    Elaborated by the exercises:
    8 rounds of 20/10 seconds
    - triceps extensions
    - biceps curl
    - shoulder press
    - overhead triceps ext
    - biceps preacher curl
    - overhead triceps ext

    Training ended in 30:29 minutes.

    It should be noted that ...
    At some exercises that were performed while lying down.
    Triceps extensions performed lying on your back.
    Biceps curl from the same position as the exercise above.
    Shoulder press as well.
    The two exercises for overhead triceps ext ...
    One being executed standing up ...
    The other lying on his stomach.
    I wanted to say how I did the exercises.
    Not being an execution you do every day.
    Usually you wouldn't be executed from bed ...
    No arm exercises.

    They are very effective.
    The movement focuses on the worked muscle.
    You can't really cheat.

    You have the satisfaction of growing a quality muscle.
    At the end of the training ...
    I was calm.
    Ready to start a new busy day.
    I hope with very little stress.
    I want to get angry ...
    As little as possible.
    I can easily accept what is happening ...
    Around me...
    Even with me.

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  • Feb 17th 2022 at 5:03 AM
    Sorin Solution

    The challenges of life presented in terms of feelings through fitness training.

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Feb 17th 2022 at 5:03 AM
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