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  • Jan 23rd 2022 at 1:42 AM
    Stop Wasting All That Money

    According to a recent Adobe study, the cost of digital advertising is shooting up
    5x faster than inflation in America. That's terrifying news for online entrepreneurs.

    Especially if paid traffic is a big part of your lead gen strategy.

    But imagine if this year, you could double, triple, or even quadruple your
    list size (and in turn your revenue)--Without spending a cent on costly
    paid ads or content marketing?

    You can do this through strategic and mutually valuable [Joint Ventures.]
    Get your free copy of the book now! ]

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  • Jan 22nd 2022 at 11:30 AM
    The Next Big Thing

    You can make a ton of money in the digital world - no question about that. Here’s the problem though: most people just don’t know how, or they make simple mistakes that can cost them a fortune.

    But, what if you could learn both - how to become a leading expert in your industry the right way and how to avoid costly mistakes - at the exact same time?

    Well, now you can! Because my good friends, Glen Ledwell and Mike Filsaime will be pulling back the kimono all the way to share with you a complete insider take at what a successful online business looks like when it’s done right in their brand new training:

    [“How to Instantly Become a Leading Expert in Your Industry, While Being Referred to as 'The Next Big Thing' (By Every Respected Influencer in Your Market!).]
    On this training, you’ll discover exactly how two top guys of the digital marketing world use the almighty power of the affiliate launch to rapidly make millions of dollars from nothing -

    Grow their businesses from scratch, become top industry players when they were previously unknown.

    What you’ll also discover is that you don't need a big network - or a big budget - or even prior experience - all you need are these insider marketing tools & strategies.

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  • You're BLOCKED. 🚫


    Right now, your brain is STOPPING YOU from increasing your wealth.

    You have dozens of subconscious money blocks, each shifting the decisions you make around money... 💰

    ... And CHOKING your abundance.

    "I'm not smart enough" ... "My friends will treat me differently" ... "I don't want to fail" ... "I'm scared about success" ... "If I have money, I'll be investigated by the IRS..."

    Do these blockages sound familiar?

    You need to DELETE these negative money blocks in order to reach that next level. 🤑

    The good news is... it's EASY.

    I've created a simple 19-minute audio MP3 that automatically ERASES all of your subconscious money blocks, using a powerful "brain reprogramming" technique.

    All YOU have to do... is listen. 🎧

    The audio is worth $49.95, but is 100% FREE for my subscribers.

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  • Jan 17th 2022 at 9:32 PM
    You must be thinking I'm crazy.

    Who will avoid making money?

    I will.

    Let me explain....

    Instead of making money, I prefer to invest my time building passive income.

    _What's the difference?_

    Making money is one-time. Passive income is recurring.

    Some friends and relatives ask me why don't I help people to create websites, since I can code.

    You see, creating website for people will earn me some money, but if I use the same time to create a new system, that system can earn me recurring income for years.

    Let me give you more examples to further illustrate the difference.

    Trading stock is making money. Building a portfolio of stocks for dividend and long term capital gain is passive income.

    Promoting an ebook is making money. Promoting a membership program with recurring commissions is passive income.

    Having been in the internet marketing niche for more than 5 years, I have seen gurus come and go.

    One problem with many gurus is that they focus on making money.

    They may make a lot of money initially, but when they get tired or lazy, their incomes drop quickly.

    I focus my time on building passive income.

    Although my earning is slow initially, they add up over time.

    At times when I am lazy, my income may shrink but very slowly. That gives me enough time to take a breather and continue building my passive income.

    So, while you're focus your time and energy in building your business, be mindful whether you are simply making money or building passive income.

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  • In the 1950's, a rather cruel experiment was conducted at Harvard University...

    In the experiment, Dr. Curt Richter (the lead researcher) placed rates in a pool of water to test how long they could treat water...

    On average, the rats would give up & sink after about 15 minutes!

    After establishing this baseline, Dr. Curt Richter did something different...

    He placed more rats back in the water... but right before they going to give up due to exhaustion, the researchers would pluck them out, dry them off, let them rest for a few minutes - & put them back in the water for a second round.

    Now, here's the interesting part...

    How long do you think they lasted the 2nd time around?

    Remember: they had just swam until failure only a few short minutes ago, before being dried off & rested for a few minutes... much longer do you think they would last the 2nd time in the water?

    Another 15 minutes?

    Maybe 10 minutes?

    Or, 5 minutes?

    The real answer...
    3600 minutes (or, 60 more hours!)

    That's not a typo... the rats continued to tread water for 60+ hours!

    The conclusion drawn from this cruel experiment was that, since the rats now BELIEVED that they would eventually be rescued... they could push their bodies way past what they previously thought impossible.

    ...which brings me to the topic for today's email: the power of belief!

    Like the rats in this study, our belief affects our performance & success greatly...

    The placebo effect is perhaps the most popular example of this; if you believe that something is real, it will create tangible, visible biological / psychological changes in your brain & your body!

    (it's why all pharmaceuticals are tested against the placebo affect... with more than a 1/3 of them proving to be no better than power of self-belief alone!)

    Your self-belief also affects your motivation...

    (as I've shared in the past, it does not matter how much you want to achieve a particular goal... if your brain doesn't believe you can do what's required to get there, you won't be motivated - the solution, of course, is to "hack" your belief...
    Lastly, self-belief also greatly affects our "grit", persistence & performance...

    Just like the rats, it's only when we truly believe that something good will come from our effort & that we are capable of more, that we are able to stay the course, persist & perform at our best!

    So... while quotes like 'never give up' or 'no pain, no gain' can be helpful... the real key to grit & persistence is belief; to raise your level of belief that something good will come from your effort & that you are capable of doing what's required of you!

    Here are 3 powerful ways you can do this...

    1. Leverage Positive Past Experiences
    This is a strategy I first came across inside the hit personal growth book, written by Maxwell Maltz, "Psycho-Cybernetics" (amazing book btw!)

    Maxwell Maltz shared that when we remind ourselves of other times in our life in which we also felt doubt, felt fear, or felt a strong sense of disbelief that we would be able to persist... but we ultimately keep doing... & everything works our well...
    By reminding ourselves of those positive past experiences - 'wins' & 'successes' - that we've had in the past (or better yet, closing our eyes & re-living these events in our mind) we build up our belief that we can do the same again!

    Essentially, think of all of your past successes in life as powerful tools to help you remind your brain that you are more powerful & capable than you think... which in turn, will improve your self-belief, performance & success!

    2. Find Inspiration In The Stories Of Others!
    Another great strategy for raising your own self-belief is by using the stories & life experiences of other people (it can be people you know, like family... or perhaps role models & inspirational individuals throughout history) -- use their stories as strong reference that whatever obstacle you want to overcome, or goal you want to achieve, truly is possible!

    (this is also an amazing way to help you overcome limiting beliefs!)

    For example...

    If you want to build a business, yet you find yourself procrastinating due to all of these doubts & the excuses in your head, for why you won't succeed...

    ...a great place to start would be to look for people who also had similar excuses or were lacking similar resources... yet managed to succeed anyway!

    By finding these examples & reading these stories, it'll signal to your brain that it is possible for someone to achieve this goal, given the circumstances, therefore raising your belief & motivation to act on your goals automatically!
    3. Celebrate Your Successes (& Reinforce Progress)

    There you have it... the power of self-belief, as well as 3 strategies you can put into practice right away, to raise your belief, motivation, performance & success!

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  • Hi Folks,

    Are you afraid of not having the right skills to start an online business?

    Believe me... you're not the only one!

    Most of the people who start their journey in Six Figure Mentors had this fear... including me!

    Looking back from where I am now... I finally see that this was just limiting thoughts and beliefs.

    I believed building an online business was hard... and you need to be a techy.

    Turns out... the opposite was true.

    10 years ago it was hard to do this... but these day's the systems we use to build this type of business are simplified.

    Take a look at your smartphone... there is an app for everything.

    You can use your smartphone these days to watch video, record, edit, build websites, send emails... and much much more...

    And you don't even need a manual, you just figure it out.

    The same is with an online business...

    Mentors All-In is a step by step training... how to create an online business that is generating income > From point A to Z.

    I can imagine you're having doubts if this might be really possible to do for yourself... but folks, if I can do this... you can too!

    See I started this journey having absolutely NO experience using a computer for anything more than browsing the internet.

    I didn't even have a laptop when I started (I used my smartphone).

    But today I'm proud to say I'm a successful internet marketer... and the same is possible for you.

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  • Jan 17th 2022 at 9:24 PM
    Not all business are equal.

    Some businesses are better than others.

    What I mean by better is that it will be easier and easier to run the business as the business grows.

    'Better' businesses have one thing in common - they are in the business of building 'Assets'.

    A good example is McDonalds.

    I think it was in Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrant where I read that McDonalds is not in the business of selling burgers.

    It is in property business.

    Selling burgers is just a way for it to fund its property acquisition.

    For McDonalds, the asset that it is building is properties.

    You may ask,

    "What kinds of business are not building an asset?"

    Too many.

    One example is a kiosk in a shopping mall selling tidbits and cookies.

    Yes, the owner may make money, but he needs to rely on the mall traffic to make money. If the mall increases the rental, his bottomline will suffer. If traffic in the mall shrinks, his business will also be affected.

    He doesn't really own anything at the end of the day.

    What he could have done is to take down the contacts of the customers and prospects who visit his kiosk and create an online ecommerce site, so that he can directly reach out to them and introduce new products to them. Who knows, his online sales may eventually be more than his offline sales, and he no longer has to depend on the mall for sales.

    The same idea applies to online marketing.

    Many affiliate marketers are simply promoting their affiliated links.

    They are like the kiosk owner in the example above. They don't really own anything other than making some money.

    Smarter affiliate marketers will build a list first, before promoting affiliated products.

    Look around you and see which business is building an asset and which is not. This will improve your business acumen.

    More importantly, if you are in online marketing, ask yourself, are you building an asset in your business?

    If you are not, you should start thinking how to restructure your business to do so.

    It is not surprising that with just a few referrals, you may end up having a few hundreds or thousands of members in your network.

    These are free leads that you can reach out to for life.

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  • Jan 17th 2022 at 9:15 PM
    The Rich keep getting richer

    Have you ever wondered how rich people get rich and stay that way?

    If you think it’s because they’re doing something differently…

    You got it right!

    One of the key things that separate the rich from the poor is money management.

    With that said, let me ask you:

    How much thought do you put into managing your money?

    The reality is that you have to learn to manage your income before starting a business.

    That’s why today, I want to give you a life-changing system that rich people know and use consistently.

    It’s called the JARS System.

    To understand how it works, imagine you have six jars in front of you, and each jar is assigned a specific percentage of your monthly income.

    Now, here’s how you classify those jars to improve your finances:


    Allocate 55% of your income towards necessities. These are things like food, bills, rent, and so on.

    They’re the things that you and your family require for well-being.

    Long-term Savings

    Set aside 10% of your income for unexpected costs somewhere down the line.

    Remember, things happen.

    You need money set aside for when life throws you a curveball.


    This is the money you can spend on yourself. And it gets another 10% of your income.


    Because you deserve it. Make yourself happy!


    Invest 10% of your income in yourself. Remember:

    “If you’re not learning, you’re automatically dying.”

    The more you keep learning, the more you’ll grow, and the more you’ll be able to accomplish.


    This jar is your financial freedom account where you’ll invest 10% of your income.

    Use this money to invest in things that can generate passive income.


    You only have 5% left.

    Now, what do rich people do with it?

    They give.

    When you give, that’s when you truly receive!

    If you know how to manage your money, you’ll get more of it—that’s just how the Universe works.

    And that’s how you can fast-track yourself to financial freedom.

    In just six simple steps, you can go from a regular person to a proficient money manager and master of your finances.

    So, are you ready to exceed your financial expectations?

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