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Schuylerville, New York, United States
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ptc-TE-PTR - bingo, diamonds, strategy games, puzzles, crocheting, looming, painting.. singing badly with pride..
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  • Apr 13th 2020 at 4:32 AM
    i have a blog?

    ok.. totally new at this.. i have a blog? i never set one up.. sooooo odd..lmao.. but whoa wait, this could be dangerous.. i own a blog.. can i say what i want? hmmm can i do opinions? seriously? i can run at the mouth and there's no no no stopping e.. woohooo!!! lmao.llol

    I'm Angies, i'm admin helper at and the owner is mitch.. she rocks.. she brought me on to run contests and give away prizes, cash advertising and upgrades.. i write emails that every one says are funny, but it's just normal me..
    i have 6 children.. 1 boy and 5 girls.. my youngest is 14 my oldest is 25.. i've been pregnant 9x..
    i have 2 parrots.. they are both macaws, one is blue and gold named booboo, and the other is a scarlett macaw her name is katie.. katie is a B***.. but we say that with total love and fear.. and booboo is my rescue bird.. and he lets me think i'm his favorite.. when really it's coffee or speghetti and his freedom he loves.

    i have a cat that is fat.. and just growing fatter cause all he does is sleep and eat and sleep some more from the hard work out of eating.

    i like hungryforhits. it's a good site with a active nice admin,

    i love the ptc, ptr, and TE world have been doing it for over 20 years.. however i dont like that it's no longer about the members no matter how much admin's preach otherwise.

    but, come to comical-clicks or where the money grows.. and it is all about you.. mitch and i make it so!!!.. and you'll get your payouts without jumping threw unreasonable hoops.. you surf. you view advertisments.. you wn prizes doing your job.. the admin's owe you for your business as much as your support helps us.. go to a site that makes you know it!!!

    with lots of peace and prosperity
    - Angies -

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i have a blog?
Apr 13th 2020 at 4:32 AM
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