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  • May 16th 2021 at 4:54 PM
    Bail Out Before The Bubble Bursts!

    Greetings, fellow affiliates.

    With great sadness, I must inform you all that the Bitcoin Bubble will be bursting within a few short months, as its credibility, disastrous environmental impacts, and volatility are revealed on a daily basis.

    I would suggest with great enthusiasm that my fellow affiliates stop using and accepting this failing crypto currency immediately; you will lose a lot of money if you continue using it.

    Also, there are investigations concerning the criminal use of Bitcoin and its use by hackers to demand ransoms for disrupting infrastructures. To reduce the incentive for unscrupulous individuals to hack into networks and disrupt these infrastructures, bitcoin will be phased out.

    Additionally, nobody actually knows who created Bitcoin, and the identity can only be known if Craig Wright can prove that he is the creator:

    One final note: Elon Musk reneged on his decision to allow the purchase of his Tesla vehicles via the use of bitcoin, as the environmental impact is just far too great. This caused the value of bitcoin to plummet, further proving its high volatility:

    That concludes my post, thanks for reading.

    If you need some great advertising for your business, visit these trusted sources: &

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  • Jul 11th 2020 at 5:07 PM
    Modulate Your Marketing Mood

    Did you know that, as humans, there are only two things that we enjoy doing everyday -- increasing Serotonin & Dopamine production!

    In fact, they're absolutely critical to maintaining good health, and any deficit of these in the brain can actually be dangerous. A serotonin deficit can lead to obsessive negative thoughts, and a lack of dopamine can harm your reaction time and reduce your motivation.

    Besides being the "feel good" chemicals responsible for our general well-being, they play an important role in our success as a marketer or entrepreneur, as they help us remain happy and motivated to earn money or learn new things.

    For example, if we continue to complete some daily SFI marketing actions like turning red tabs green, entering auctions, and playing Eager Zebra games, you will guarantee an increase in the production of serotonin & dopamine. It's simple science. - Join me at SFI for FREE

    Also, make sure you're getting some type of daily exercise and also including eggs, oats, bananas, chocolate, pineapple, and chickpeas into your diet, as these foods help increase production of these "feel good" chemicals. This will modulate your marketing mood!

    Well, I hope this post can provide a different perspective regarding our marketing efforts.

    To your success,

    Patrick Doolin

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  • Jun 29th 2020 at 6:58 PM
    What Does Success Mean To You?

    Hello again,

    For this post, I would like to assist in answering a question that many affiliates have failed to ask themselves!

    So, please ask yourself this question: What Does Success Mean To Me?

    According to the Merriam-Webster, the universally known definition of "success" is an action you have taken that resulted in a favorable outcome.

    For example, a comedian typically measures their success by gauging how well-received their jokes are. There are not many jokesters that continue touring comedy clubs if they're constantly being heckled by the audience.

    The funniest comedians can invite more success into their life simply by continuing to take actions that result in a favorable outcome. You see, the comedian started his path towards success by making others laugh, which resulted in a pleasurable feeling for the comedian.

    The comedian never initially sought to make money from they're routine, but now they are generating massive amounts of income while doing what they enjoyed doing in the first place.

    So, go out there take actions that result in a favorable outcome for YOU!

    Need some inspiration? GO HERE:

    To your success,

    Patrick Doolin

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  • Jun 27th 2020 at 7:49 PM
    What Do I Do Now To Start Earning?


    In this post I'm going to try and help answer a question that was recently asked of me regarding the topic of earning money with an Online Business.

    First, before you even consider the steps involved with creating your own Online Empire, you must come to terms with the fact that there are 'No Get Rich Quick' opportunities that are real.

    For instance, if you're advertising your Business in a Manual Traffic Exchange and you come across someone else's Website that says 'Make $1,000 USD A Week Simply Mailing Postcards' -- It's A Scam --

    With SFI, you must be diligent and steadfast in your approach, realizing that you must put time into your creation.

    With that said, if a potential team mate asks you "What Do I Do Now To Start Earning"? you can simply explain the Rewardical Program and mention that they can get 50 Free Tokens for registering with the New Push Notifications. And when they have accumulated enough, they can redeem the for Cash, Bitcoin, ETC.

    You can learn about earning rewardicals by clicking this link:

    Currently, 606 RT = $1.00 USD Bitcoin and 690 RT = $1.00 USD Cash - $25 Minimum if you're redeeming for Bitcoin - $.01 Minimum for Cash. Want 25 Free Rewardicals? Go Here:

    Naturally, your potential new team mate may now ask you "How Can I Continue To Earn Rewardicals?' In that instance, you can tell them that if they simply achieve EA status, they can earn from the activity of their Personally Referred Members, Personally Sponsored Affiliates, Etc

    Remember, readers are leaders.

    To your success,

    Patrick Doolin

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  • Greetings, fellow affiliates! I hope you're all doing well and having fun!

    Speaking of fun - I feel that if you're not having fun in this business than why are you here? And yes, making money is, of course, REALLY fun!

    However, I want to talk specifically about the fun that can be had here with all the the great new - - and old games - and auctions available - - to us; and how we can use gamification and customization to leverage the monumental amount of money that is flowing in that sea of opportunity.

    Here are some truly astounding stats from an excellent example of a game that is FREE TO PLAY and uses customization and differing challenges to rake in MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars:

    That game is Fortnite - and it's creator, Epic Games, just recently celebrated the FIRST BIRTHDAY of their golden egg laying baby and, get this ...

    I just researched their revenue and it is estimated that they have made more than 1 BILLION dollars, yes that is a 1 followed by 9 Zeros - 1,000,000,000

    How do they make that much?

    1. - They have a team of dedicated people that constantly create new dance moves to buy, emotes to show-off, and skins for a character to wear; as well as new in-game challenges to participate in. Note: These are purchasable items that grant the character cosmetic abilities. They also sell an optional season pass that grants extra challenges and ways to earn said items above.

    2. - They are constantly evolving and adding value to their FREE game which, in turn, creates hungry buyers that are happy to support the service that has brought them such a great value.

    3. - They fix anything and everything quicker than greased lightning. All problems, bugs, glitches, fairness issues and the like are nipped in the bud with nearly supernatural speed. That keeps people from leaving their service.

    I would like for us affiliates to all learn something valuable from this.

    So, what have you learned from this? Your thoughts please.

    Partner With Patrick ==>

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  • Greetings, action takers! I hope you're all doing well!

    Currently, the richest person in the world has plans to bring internet service to every part of planet earth.

    This may very well be the most important news to an SFI affiliate, ever!

    One of the main barriers to accessing our amazing program is that there are far too many people that simply do not have access to the internet. There are about 13 countries with limited, or no access to the internet at all.

    For example, a printed newspaper is still more common than any other media source. Many folks share the newspaper among their friends and family, as they cannot afford to buy one for themselves.

    Think about a modern smartphone - which are becoming increasingly affordable - imagine if the whole world had internet access and an affordable smartphone?

    Let's go where no affiliate has gone before and propel the good news of SFI into the farthest reaches of space!


    Patrick Doolin

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  • Posted 23 days ago

    Greetings fellow affiliates, I hope you're all doing well.

    In this short and precise lesson, I will talk about my top 2 tips for boosting your conversion rates for your Social Medial Marketing Campaigns.

    According to my research, about 85% of Internet Marketers are currently utilizing Social Media Strategies in their Marketing Campaigns.

    In our industry, we are considered to be B2C (Business To Consumer) Marketers - which means we sell things, basically.

    Tip #1 - By researching and using the right hashtag, you can increase re-tweets by up to 55% - Do a google search for information on hashtag popularity.

    If you're unfamiliar, a hashtag is a searchable word or phrase for finding content related to your likes and interests on Social Media sites.

    Tip #2 - Using an image that you have created, or have the rights to use, can increase user engagement by nearly 10 times.

    Do a google search for free graphic design and start from there, there are many ways to get an image uploaded to your Social Media Accounts.

    Well, that is it for now, I hope that this is helps


    Patrick Doolin ==>

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  • Apr 9th 2019 at 2:31 PM
    Strong Future International

    Strong Future International, SFI, Six Figure Income, Etc.

    No matter what you call it, this phenomenal opportunity to get an extra paycheck has been around since 1998 - and is stronger than ever!

    Now is quite literally the best time to join! I could write about Strong Future International Ad nauseum, but there is no need to. The people that are really interested in building a business online will take action.

    Get started today without making a purchase. Earning money through SFI can be done without spending a single dime; There are several ways that you can build up from nothing. After a while, you'll earn enough to start investing in yourself and YOUR business.

    The "Launchpad" series is the "Bread & Butter" of the library of materials that is available to you, absolutely free. 57 separate lessons of pure gold. Read them, love them, and apply the lessons daily.

    What are you waiting for? Join me for free, today!

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  • Oct 9th 2018 at 4:41 PM
    Top 3 Ways To Safely Earn Money Online

    (1.) SFI provides a 100% FREE system that enables anyone to learn the methods that Pro online business owners use to make money online! This program is now in its 20th year and even stronger than ever! It's the most exiting and addicting opportunity in the entire universe. You won't regret joining this phenomenal business platform FOR FREE.


    (2.) Swagbucks is a beautiful Google search alternative with other earning avenues, that enables you to earn “Swagbucks” which are their form of virtual currency. You can get a $25 PayPal GiftCard for only 25,000 Swagbucks, among many, many other items and giftcards. Make sure to add the Swagbucks Exension to your your favorite compatible web browser, as it earns me the most.


    (3.)InstaGc is a phenomenal way to earn Paypal Cash & GiftCards to your favorite places, both online and off. View ads, fill out surveys, watch videos, and refer others! Make sure to “Like” their FaceBook page after you join through me, you’ll gain access to exclusive Points Booster codes that you can redeem to boost your account points! And hey, while you’re out “liking” Facebook pages, go ahead and give that famous button a click on my Patrick's Online Business Tips page!


    Thanks for reading! I hope you have found this post to be valuable.

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  • Just for reading this I would like to give you 25 FREE REWARDICAL TOKENS. To redeem, simply go to and enter the Promo Code: bd5c90

    So, what is the best type of affiliate program to join?

    The world of online affiliate marketing can, at times, be a fend for yourself, dog-eat-dog place – full of get rich schemes and pipe dreams.

    There are many factors you’ll want to consider when picking something to promote online.

    In the simplest terms the affiliate program you're promoting must appeal to everyone; Besides that, it need to be fun. Yes, I said fun! Too many "opportunities" available online these days just are not very interesting or engaging.

    First, you’ll want the affiliate program to be highly appealing to the masses, as well as your target audience. For example, my website here is targeted towards Internet Entrepreneurs like you and me, looking to legitimately earn an income online.

    Second, the affiliate program should be unique and stand out from other offers. There are many ways that an affiliate program can differ from the thousands that exist online.

    The greatest example of an affiliate program that is unique and appeals to everyone is the Eager Zebra line of highly entertaining games that can be played for FREE, and by using purchasable T-Credits. The games are familiar but with added twists.

    Third, the products require a powerful rewards system attached to the purchase. This has proven to be explosive for business growth. Just go to almost any restaurant or store to see the system in action for yourself.

    Want to know what the very best reward system on the planet is?

    That would be Rewardical Tokens, of course. If you've never heard of them then you might be living under a rock.

    Rewardical Tokens can be redeemed for Bitcoin, Silver Bullion, and much, much more! To redeem, simply go to and enter the Promo Code: bd5c90

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