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  • Mar 11th 2019 at 8:53 PM
    TE Payday My newest website business

    Designed for the traffic exchange community there is no other business or script like this.

    My business partner, Jay Carey, and myself built a completely new site from ground up. So what is it?

    Its a business designed specifically for people who own exchanges and who surf exchanges. It is a combination of what will become the worlds largest traffic exchange downline build and the only builder that works infinite levels deep. Combined with that each site in the builder is completely tracked in 8 different ways.

    Now as if that isn't enough the whole site is also the worlds most powerful cooperative which will rotate custom branded splash pages for each site in the builder - and their are already over 100 and we just launched a few hours ago.

    Still though, that isn't the end of it. It also has a site of the day feature which awards you bonus shop points on our site just for signing up.

    Still the features just keep going. You can also use your shop points to buy you own site of the day link. A site of the day link means every person that signs up to he exchange you chose, on he date you chose, will be signing up under you.

    So if that sounds complicated let me simplify it. You buy a site of the day link, you pick an exchange, you set a date. The date you set, your site is the site of the day. It doesn't rotate with any other sites. Every person who signs up to hat exchange on that date, joins under you. And they are encouraged to sign up because they get bonus points of there own to do so.

    I could keep going as there are still more features I haven't explained - but I don't want to spoil all the fun.

    So please do check it out. Be the first of your friends to join us. So far people joining have been absolutely LOVING it. Hopefully you will be the next.

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  • Feb 7th 2019 at 3:54 AM
    Cryptocurrency - its just money

    How many website owners do you know that used to accept payza that no longer do? How many website owners do you know that used to accept paypal that no longer do? How many people turned to jvzoo as an answer only to find that also failed?

    The fact is website after website has looked to alternative solutions because they have been forced to. Sadly, no matter what solution they find, there is a good chance sooner or later they will have to move on to something new.

    The truth is the banking system most rely on, can steal your money, can control what you do, and can decide if you stay in business.

    Cryptocurrency is blatantly the answer to that. You don't have to rely on any sort of third party to do business. You don't have to pay large credit card processing fee's. You can control 100% of your own money.

    Bitcoin is obviously the most popular currency, however there are many different options that exist.

    So what is all this crazy cryptocurrency? Its exactly what it sounds like - its a new form of money. It completely replaces banks, credit cards, and paper money. It's real money, it can be saved or spent, and you can control you own money with no need for any other company.

    In fact, despite anything else you might read or learn, the real value of cryptocurrency comes from its spendability. It is not some stock you need to profit from. Instead the true value of it, comes from it's ability to be spent.

    Bitcoin is the most valuable because it is the most accepted cryptocurrency.

    If you need a bitcoin wallet check out the desktop wallet electrum.

    When I started creating The Advertising Currency I was well aware that the single most important thing is getting other websites and businesses accepting the currency. That is what makes a successful project successful, and that is what causes most cryptocurrencies to fail. Its all about spendability.

    When I was asked if any of our tokens are able to be traded yet, I said of course not. Our goal is not to get them trading until they have a much stronger value.

    In order to get our traffic exchange currency to have real value, we need 10 to 20 different exchanges accepting it. This will take time. Cryptocurrency scares the masses, especially a new coin - but nothing worth accomplishing comes without work.

    So that is the current mission of my project. Getting exchanges open to the idea of accepting our tokens. In the short term the benefit is being able to spend them on other sites that accept them. In the long term, as more and more sites accept, the coin becomes more and more valuable when we are ready to trade.

    Currently we only sell the tokens through the TAC website but as we secure more businesses willing to accept them, that will change. Our tokens are real, can be verified through blockchain, and we have a custom wallet for those who want to store our tokens.

    If you know any exchange owners willing to accept our tokens, or if you own an exchange and are willing to accept them, reach out to me and let me know.

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  • Feb 1st 2019 at 4:17 PM
    Who am I and what is TAC?

    Who am I?

    For those who don't know me I am a long time and old school surfer on exchanges. Sometimes I disappear for months or even years at a time, but when I am active - I am very active.

    I don't follow any of the rules you have probably learned by now for surfing exchanges. I don't surf dozens of exchanges at the same time. I don't surf 25 to 50 pages a day on the top exchanges. Like I said, I don't do what most in this industry consider normal.

    Instead I power surf exchanges and build up a large amount of credits. Somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 per exchange. I do this on exchange after exchange. The I use my credits to coordinate ads across an array of sites.

    I am a member of over 100 different exchanges.

    As the people on hungry for hits can attest to, when I am active - I try to be as social as I possibly can. In fact, I don't consider exchanges a method of marketing, I consider them an extension to my social life.

    I am also active on social networks like Linkedin where I have almost 30,000 connections and facebook where I have 5000. My goal is to interact with as many people as I can so that when they do see my websites, that take a moment to actually check them out.

    What is TAC?

    TAC stands for The Advertising Currency and it has been something I have been developing for the past 4 years.

    It is a currency consisting of 10 tokens for various parts of the advertising and marketing industry. It has tokens for everything from traffic exchanges (called teTAC) to social marketing (called socTAC), and pretty much everything in between.

    It all runs through a custom created social network that is a facebook style social network with tons of additional advertising features like a traffic exchange, a banner exchange, an article exchange, a viral mailer and oh so much more.

    The more people you connect, the most comments and likes your posts get, the more you surf our exchange, and overall the more you are engaged on our platform the more you can earn.

    Unlike most cryptocurrency tokens one might find, ours actually have a usage. You can spend them for advertising on our platform, and we are trying to expand that so they can be spent all over for marketing and advertising. Currently you can use our tokens to upgrade and purchase advertising on the downliner, you can use them to buy articles on a couple of cryptocurrency news networks such as CCX News and you can buy webhosting with them from coinhost.

    We also have a partnership with coinpayments so all 10 of our advertising tokens can be accepted by any business with a few clicks. We hope in the future to get more traffic exchanges and viral mailers accepting these tokens as a form of payment so we can build the value of them for all our users and make them more liquidible for the businesses who accept them.

    Hopefully you ill consider joining our platform at TACToken and start checking out what we have going on.

    Please keep in mind we are in early stages and until you make a few connections on the platform, the social streams are empty.

    Also if you own or know of anyone who owns a marketing website, have them reach out to us if they are willing to accept these tokens as a form of payment. The more places that are willing to accept them, the more profitable they become for everyone.

    Thanks for reading, and hopefully I will be posting more about this as well as other topics in the very near future. Oh and don't forget to add me to your connections here on hungry for hits. :)

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TE Payday My newest website business
Mar 11th 2019 at 8:53 PM
Cryptocurrency - its just money
Feb 7th 2019 at 3:54 AM
Who am I and what is TAC?
Feb 1st 2019 at 4:17 PM
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