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Hi everone, Nathan Gurley here from New Orleans, LA. Offline, I am a high school math teacher of students with special needs and visual impairment. On weekends, I work as a bass guitarist/singer.

Online, I am the owner/admin of and

Thank you for visiting my Hungry Page, which is good for me because I am really good at eating!!! :)
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  • My sweet daughter has worked at Walgreens for the past five years as she pursues her doctorate degree in pharmacy from Xavier University in New Orleans. She graduates in May 2023 and I could not be more proud.

    She had some medical issues that needed to be addressed and I told her of some LiveGood products. Upon studying the ingredients, and with consultation from doctors, she joined our movement. Not necessarily from a monetary perspective - she needed the supplements.

    Of course, dad is building a retirement from teaching -- she is working a job and clinicals upon graduation. LiveGood will help medically and financially as we build this business together.

    We have a fast-moving team build, H4H based, and we welcome you.

    In partnership,


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