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  • Nov 8th 2018 at 6:34 AM
    RSS feeds

    Your blog here, as well as everyone else's, has an RSS feed link in the top right corner. But what is that? What is it really for?

    RSS means Really Simple Syndication, and it's commonly called a news feed, or just feed. It's a super easy way for bloggers to share headlines and stories so that everyone can read them without having to visit two dozen different web pages everyday.

    Bloggers and sites use feeds to get new content out, and surfers can use Feed Readers to collect news from whatever blogs and sites they are following. It works both with the Hungry For Hits blog, and pretty much any other blog or site that has a RSS feed.

    If you open the RSS feed directly in your browser, you would see a lot of programming language mixed with some content that almost makes sense. Why? Well, you’re not supposed to see an RSS feed directly. What you want is a Feed Reader.

    RSS icon

    Add the RSS feeds from blogs and sites you follow in a Feed Reader. All you do is register on a Feed Reader and set up which feeds you want to read. There are Feed Readers both for browsers, and as desktop applications. Most browsers have a RSS Feed Reader add-on as well.

    Maybe you don't want to visit tens or even hundreds of sites to read their new posts. But if you want to keep up to date in a really easy way, using a Feed Reader can help. Add the feeds from sites you usually visit, or bloggers you are interested in to your Feed Reader. Everytime you log in to your Feed Reader, you will have a list of all new posts since you last checked.

    Personally, I recommend the browser readers such as Google Chrome Feed Reader or Firefox Feed Reader, but other popular readers are Feedly and Awasu. Blog authors won't know if you add or remove their site from your feed list.

    RSS feeds also work with auto posting features to different platforms and websites, such as Social Champ. If you have any cool ideas or advice on what you can do with the RSS feed, leave a comment below!

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