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  • Dec 21st 2019 at 6:51 AM
    Why I Love Network Marketing

    Every once in awhile, I am asked why I love network marketing. And, it’s a conversation I enjoy having as I find out a lot of people still really don’t know what network marketing is.

    The simplest explanation I can give someone is, “Imagine referring your friends to a movie you really enjoyed and the movie theatre paying you a commission every time your referrals bought tickets.”. Most people understand that part pretty easy.

    Then, I go on to say, “Now imagine the people you referred start doing the same thing. They can get commissions every time their referrals buy movie tickets. AND … since you are the one who showed them how to do it, you get a little bit of commission, too.”

    And that is one of the reasons I love network marketing. It really is pretty simple to understand. There can be more complicated systems available, but my favourite way to think of it is “connecting consumers to products and services they enjoy”.

    I also love the idea that I can decide my income. I can earn more or less depending on how effective I am at prospecting, selling, and training.

    Traditional jobs pay you an hourly wage or a salary and you have virtually zero chance of making that income go up.

    The only way to earn more is to take on more hours if you can, put in overtime if you can, or take on another job. Not exactly a liberating way to build income and create potential financial freedom.

    Another reason why I love network marketing is that you have the power of residual income. Much like a songwriter or author gets paid for years to come after the work is done, network marketing allows you to create residual income that keeps coming in month after month, year after year, long after the original work has been done.

    What are some of the things that got you involved with network marketing? Feel free to share in the comments, below:

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    Dec 30th 2019 at 6:30 AM by John RubinoSmith
    I share your love for Network Marketing. It for the connections we are able to make. And you are right in mentioning the power of residual income. It is a big reason why I love this business model.
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