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  • Feb 16th 2020 at 1:43 AM
    Web Hits Traffic Reseller 

    As a web hits traffic reseller you can earn sizeable income by selling traffic from your web page to generate traffic to another website.

    Some websites pay very good money per hit to redirector use pop-ups to generate hits. 
    Two very good services for this are: 
    You could easily take advantage of these services and generate extra monthly income from your high volume websites. Reselling your traffic does have a downside, it distracts users from your websites. You need to be sure to maintain user interest within your own web interests so your sales do not decrease. 

    If you notice, there is another bundling strategy that could be employed using Adsense, web hits resales, and search engine submissions. All three of these businesses rely very heavily on volume. You can build another profit pyramid utilizing an on-line travel agency as a base. 

    The travel agency, based on a brick-and-mortar concept like a club or association could provide a stable income through group affiliation and use. The search engine submission and search engine optimization service could form a less reliable income tier that could sizably contribute to the owner’s monthly budget. 

    The top layer again could be the random income base of Google Adsense and web hits resales. This random layer provides income coverage in a revenue spread that fluctuates wildly. 

    These layers of income can provide steady revenue streams that could easily replace your fulltime job. 

    The travel agency takes in chunks in the $100-$300 range, the search engine submission service will probably less frequently give your business portfolio bumps in the $30-$75 range, while the hits resale from a higher volume website and Google Adsense can form an excellent form of additional income for a web-based business. 

    A monthly profile for a successful marketer could look like the following: 

    Marketer ZOnline Travel Agency $4700  
    Search Engine Service & SEO $3800 
    Google and Hits Resales $1000 

    Income for the profile’s monthly total equal $9500. Marketers need to look at their overall strategies and employ a bundled strategy that takes advantage of those resources the marketer currently has available. 

    The profile above considers that the marketer has trafficked in abundance. The earlier profile was not focused on traffic but mostly on product concentration, development and creativity. 
    The reader must look inside himself/herself and ask what his /her greatest strengths are. The scenarios presented here are just a few possible scenarios. Bundling strategies are the core element in taking advantage of any traffic that enters your website. 

    Let’ stake a look at some activities that you can make money off of whenever a surfer enters your website. 

    A potential visitor could: 
    1. Buy a product 
    2. Click a link 
    3. Leave the website via another link 
    4. Enter a pop-up on your website to go to a new website 
    5. Download software 
    6. Complete an information form 
    7. Complete and apply for a loan or credit card 8. Plan a trip or vacation or some other activity 

    Every item listed above is an activity you can be paid for. Every activity can take place without your direct involvement. 
    Bundling these activities gives users more chances to make money for you. Close your eyes and think about it. I come to visit your website and I see the screen. 

    There are 15 links on your website. The links on the screen are exit and entry links to other websites. Every item on the screen is connected to make money for your business in some way. 

    This should be your goal. Your websites should be loaded with financial opportunities in much the same way that a farmer plants seeds in a field. Please remember the business you are building is asset rich. 

    Every dollar you invest today is potential profit tomorrow. It is imperative that you extract the maximum value of your business at all times. Your website generates traffic, the user clicks, product orders, and builds your contact list 24 hours per day. 

    It is imperative that the person who uses the internet as a source of income know the true value of internet resources. Search engine position and direct orders are only indicators. 

    A true businessman knows that success lies in the extracting of maximum value from all internet resources. For people who started on the internet years ago, it was not possible to be paid for incoming and outgoing traffic. 

    They remember an internet that was completely unregulated, unpoliced, unintelligent, non-dynamic and almost impotent. Today you can order a hot pizza via the web. The internet has changed, and it has become a gold mine. 

    Marketers need to be smarter and savvier to make money on the web. Everyone has heard of people who make $5.00 per day on Google. Do you want to be one of these people? We don’t. Bundled strategies take advantage of well-designed websites with layered revenue inlets.
    It is clear that a well-designed website with moderate traffic is asset rich. It is your job as a marketer to get out there and extract that value. 

    If you put together these tools, in a smartly layered fashion, you can set up a scenario where checks come to you in the mail and your Paypal account fills up faster than an alcohol’s shot glass. 

    The items in this guide are a powerful toolset that creates many financial opportunities for you. It is our deepest hope that these tools when properly used will provide you with the success that they have afforded us for more than 7 years. 

    If you follow these suggestions not only will you make money while you sleep, your dreams will be filled with gold! 

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