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  • ONPASSIVE have finally launched commercially, today September 1st!

    May times over the past few month I have been asked the same questions over and over again:

    “Can you please tell me in very few sentences:
    1. How does one make money with ONPASSIVE ? Is it (a) signing up more affiliates under you and (b) selling ONPASSIVE solutions to businesses?
    2. Do you make money doing absolutely nothing? i.e. if you sign up but don’t ever do anything, do you make money?
    3. How is ONPASSIVE different from any other online digital marketing company?”
    Good questions. Unless you get a look at a guest webinar for explanation it’s hard to grasp the totality of ONPASSIVE. It’s massive, much bigger than you can ever imagine.
    We make money by the customer (business or individual) buying a subscription to our IT products of which we’ll have 40-60 of the most commonly used by a majority of Internet users and businesses rolled out over the next year or so with more being added constantly.
    Each product we will introduce will be top shelf, state-of-the-art, and will compete in billion dollar markets (Zoom, PeopleSoft, Facebook, Camtasia, Infusionsoft, YouTube, Shopify, QuickBooks, PayPal, GoFundMe, etc.

    Our unique selling proposition is value: customers get access to all 50 with options for individual, bundled, or perhaps an all-inclusive, low price. They can get an individual product only. Having the best products at the lowest price is good…but once they are available all integrated on one dashboard with a S.S.O. (Single Sign On), no one can touch us.

    Size (2 million plus at launch), goals (guarantee that the 97% who don’t usually win do win in ONPASSIVE by focusing on paying the majority of profits to the affiliates), by a visionary CEO who is not interested in purely personal gain, are unique to ONPASSIVE.

    The company will do all the work for the affiliates who come into the company. That is the sweet deal: they make your website, host it, draw targeted traffic to it, followup and close the sales, all automated. We’re completely hands off unless you choose to add your own efforts to the mix. Some are experts in marketing and will. Some have huge followings on TicToc, Instagram, LinkedIn,Facebook, or YouTube and as social media influencers, will cash in immediately to the six and seven figure range.

    The thing is, all this begins to happen at our Official Global Launch. Until then we can enlarge our personal income for the future by acquiring a larger starting team. Each affiliate is an authorized reseller and customer at Launch. Personal sales all go into your commission so the work is worth it but not necessary or required.
    Simple answer to the question of signing up and doing nothing, will you make money: YES.

    There are many ways you can receive income as an affiliate. Some involve affiliate sales by you, some by the company for you.
    We are NOT an MLM company. Our sales structure is proprietary, multifaceted, and dynamic.
    If you are occupying an affiliate position, you get passive income similar to owning a stock, a rental house, or a cow. Someone else manages it, you get the profit.
    Being an affiliation means you essentially pay for a product once and get to use it at No out of pocket cost for life. And earn increasing income from commissions every month.

    My strong recommendation is to be a part of the ONPASSIVE family. Work or not you will win. Working in it now just makes your win bigger and come faster.

    #ONPASSIVE #AshMufareh #OVerify #OCONNECT
    Tom Taylor
    Global Ambassador
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