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  • Nov 22nd 2018 at 2:04 AM
    Chocolate Turon Recipe

    I tried adding this recipe the other day and it got booted off... so I will add it in stages. It's a pretty awesome dish, I personally love making it, so it's worthy to share.

    Chocolate Turon

    - Wrappers (that's what they're called in the Philippines, however in the US, they are referred to as Asian Pancakes, basically, a paper thin tortilla - I'll try to add a pic of these below)
    - Bananas (like a plantain, these are kinda like a smaller, pudgy banana)
    - Sugar
    - Chocolate (specifically 'Choko Choko - it's a soft creamy chocolate - in the US, I would suggest like chocolate icing, like for a cake - I'll have a pic of this for you, as well)

    The Chocolate

    - Palm Oil (or any cooking oil you prefer)
    - Water

    Optional Ingredients/Substitutions:
    - Strawberry Jam/Jelly
    - Powdered Sugar
    - Whip Cream (like the kind you spray on hot chocolate or just shoot in your mouth so it comes out your nose)
    - Peanut Butter
    - Cinnamon
    - Hershey's Syrup

    Step 1: Basically Prep. You're going to want to have the bananas peeled and sliced in half down the middle the long way, like for a banana split. Have a bowl of water (really just a small bowl to dip your fingers into, and the oil in a frying pan. One of those Teflon non stick pans would be idea, but whatever you got, I'm sure it will do just fine. If you have a non-stick pan, though, it will save you on the volume of oil you use. One other thing, the wrappers will have to be separated prior, as it really speeds up the process.

    Step 2: Lay a wrapper down in the middle of a plate. Take a banana that you have split and place it in the center. Lightly cover it with sugar and then in the middle, put a tube of choko choko in that, then fold it like a burrito, enclosing both ends. As you finish the wrapping of it, dab your fingers into the small cup/bowl of water lightly wetting your fingers and use that light water to help seal the wrap... basically dabbing the water on the end of the wrapper and then finishing the wrap of the Turon. If you do it too much, you'll rip it like my heart. And I don't need my heart ripped out again. A guy can only handle so much pain, so please be gentle. It's best to prep all that you're going to cook first before actually cooking. Just an FYI on that, my friend.

    Step 3: Now that you have all the Turons prepped... why? because you following my gracious suggestion... and I'm just going to assume you also have a Teflon non stick pan, lightly oil the pan and place the Turon down in the gently. You don't want them too close together, otherwise they might stick. So place them close, but not too close... like you're at a family reunion, and you're surrounded by people you're okay with, but you're not exactly too fond of, either. So... close, but not too close. Cook them til they are a medium brown, with maybe some dark spots. In fact, you're going to get dark spots because of the chocolate, so it's okay. But think of the spots that the chocolate doesn't reach as someone who was on a summer vacation that fell asleep on the beach and didn't quite what they were looking for on their tan. In this case, it's what you're looking for, though, so DESIRE it. Be sure to flip it and get it that way on all sides. You want it crispy and flaky, as I personally think it taste the best that way. You can go for a less crunchy, but test it out for yourself and decide.


    You can eat it at this point, but here are some other options you can try out:

    Step 4: the Options
    Option #1 Place it on a plate, and top with powdered sugar, whip cream, and then a chocolate drizzle (like Hershey's syrup)

    Option #2 Sub in Peanut Butter for the choko choko... or you can add the Peanut Butter with the choko choko and make it a Reese's Turon.

    Option #3 You can use Cinnamon with the sugar and drop the Chocolate all together and have a cinnamon-sugar Turon... if you are doing the toppings, no chocolate on top, I would suggest just powdered sugar and whip cream and maybe sliced bananas

    Option #4 Instead of chocolate, put blueberry or strawberry filler or jam in there instead. No chocolate again on top, but may I suggest a fruit topping with the powdered sugar and whip cream? I think I will...


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