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  • Nov 13th 2018 at 11:02 AM
    Making Excuses will not help you

    This issue of them Secret Success Machine Newsletter may or may
    not apply to you, but it's worth reading to find out.

    Every single day we get emails and phone calls from people who tell
    us how long they have waited to find a program like the Secret Success Machine
    System. They go on to tell us how they want to change
    their financial situation, how they want to better their lives, and
    how they know without a doubt that the Secret Success Machine is
    what will help them get where they want to be financially.

    But in the same breath they say, "But I just don't have the money
    to get started".

    They use the EXCUSE that they "don't have any money" as the reason
    why they can't get started with the Secret Success Machine, and
    ultimately why their lives will never change.

    Make no mistake, it IS an excuse.

    When I hear people tell me that they can't get started because they
    don't have the money, the first thing that comes to mind is that
    they don't REALLY want to change their financial situation.
    Because if they did, they would FIND a way.

    Oh yes, I know what some of you are saying...

    "But how can you say that? Some people just don't have extra money
    laying around to get started".

    Well, think about this. What if I told you that I would pay you
    $100,000 in CASH if you could come up with $4,200 by next Monday.
    What do you think the odds are that you would have $4,200 by next


    You bet!

    No one in their right mind would let $100,000 slip through their
    fingers just because they might not have $4,200 in their front

    You see it's NOT about whether you have money, it's about whether
    or not you are motivated ENOUGH to TAKE ACTION!

    Let me give you an example.

    Let's say I wake up in the middle of the night and I want some ice
    cream. But it's 2 a.m. I have my PJ's on. And going to get ice
    cream means I have to get up, get dressed, put my shoes on, get in
    the car, and then drive to an all-night store in the middle of the
    night. But if I don't REALLY want ice cream bad enough to go
    through all the effort and discomfort, I am just going to roll over
    and go back to sleep.

    Here's the truth: I didn't really want ice cream.

    I was just WISHING for ice cream. And there is a BIG difference
    between WANTING something and WISHING for something.

    Most people are just WISHING for money, a better life, and nicer
    things. But they don't want to go through the EFFORT of acquiring
    them. They have bought into the lie that success is easy or happens
    like winning the lottery. And all they do is look for reasons
    (EXCUSES) WHY they can't do something!

    The problem with that approach is that it becomes a way of life. It
    becomes a habit. You become comfortable with not having the things
    in life that you want. You become comfortable with things just
    being "okay". And the only way you are going to change things is
    if ONE day you wake up and say...


    NO MORE!

    THAT'S IT!

    I am going to do SOMETHING to change my life RIGHT NOW!

    I am going to START TODAY!

    I am going to do WHATEVER I need to do to accomplish MY DREAMS,
    because no one else is going to do it for me!

    The truth is that there are ALWAYS going to be EXTERNAL obstacles
    and forces that tell you that you can't do something. If you're
    going to wait until all the lights are green before you start your
    car, you'll sit in your driveway forever. Most of the greatest
    accomplishments of our time were made by people who overcame
    incredible obstacles in order to achieve greatness. How did they do
    it? They didn't make excuses...they were people of ACTION!
    They didn't let ANYTHING stand in the way of their success.

    So, if you're saying "I don't have any money", then my response to
    you is this:

    You have two choices:

    A.) You can continue to make EXCUSES for yourself, and wind up
    leading the same kind of life in 5 years that you are today.


    B.) You can STOP making excuses and DO SOMETHING to make a change
    for yourself!

    What it boils down to is this...

    If you don't have the money to get started with the Million Dollar
    Marketing Formula, that's EXACTLY why you should get involved!
    You can't afford NOT to!

    Think about this: If you are a GROWN adult over 25 and you do not
    have the money it takes to get started in this business, something
    is SERIOUSLY WRONG. Maybe you...

    - made some bad life choices.
    - don't manage your money well.
    - have wrong priorities.
    - don't take personal responsibility for your life.
    - or are just plain lazy and don't want to work.

    I don't know what the reasons are. And I don't need (or want) to
    know. But what you need to do is take a SERIOUS look in the mirror
    and ask yourself...

    "What is it that I TRULY want out of life."


    Whatever your answer is, that should be your motivation for getting
    started with the Secret Success Machine RIGHT NOW. But remember, you
    need to do this for YOUR reasons. Not anyone else's. And if YOUR
    REASON is BIG enough and motivating enough, you will do WHATEVER it
    takes (morally and legally) to make it so. Because ONCE you find the
    thing that TRULY motivates you, there will be NO MORE EXCUSES.
    You will be UNSTOPPABLE!

    But there's a flipside....

    If you DON'T start now, WHEN are you going to do something!?

    Some people tell me, "I'm going to get started in a couple of
    weeks." Or a couple of months. And that's a joke. Because I know
    that I could call them back in a "couple of weeks" or a "couple of
    months" and their situation will be no different than it is today.
    Nobody is going to do this for you. Mom and Dad aren't going to
    pick up pieces. The White Knight in Shining Armor is a myth. And
    there is NEVER going to be a perfect moment when ALL the stars are
    in alignment and Ed McMahon shows up on you doorstep with the BIG
    SWEEPSTAKES check.

    You have to do this YOURSELF.

    When you FINALLY have the ATTITUDE that you are going to do
    WHATEVER it takes to make a DRAMATIC change in your life, and then
    FOLLOW THROUGH with MASSIVE ACTION because you have a driving
    reason WHY...then you will have EVERYTHING you need to START
    achieving your dreams.

    You will find a way.
    You will be creative.
    You will work harder.
    You will work smarter.
    You will keep going.
    You will not stop.



    You see, this message doesn't JUST apply to getting started with
    the TWS. This message applies to your WHOLE
    LIFE. It all starts with a decision. The decision to create the
    kind of life that you DESERVE....not just the one you might be
    settling for now.

    So, let me ask you...

    Are you ready to make a decision and change it all?

    And if you weren't paying attention before,

    STOP whatever you're doing and go check this out right now...

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    Take care.

    Don Josiah - In Word Or deed, Do All In The name Of Jesus Christ

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