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Learning the african language Swahili, & Brazilian portuguese,Traveling, camping, hiking, I like watching animal shows.
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  • Feb 20th 2020 at 2:14 PM
    Buying Bulk Signups Pays Off

    Don't let anybody tell you that buying PSA,s is a waste of
    time and resources. I obtained 2 EA,s, one from last month
    and 1 from this month alone. The key is consistently and regularity.
    I then asked my new (PSA) EA, do they want any PSA,s added to their
    team, they said Yes!!. So I gave this active team member 3 PSA,s. This way
    they can reach BTL more easily if they want too.

    These are the 3 steps I am Using For Business:

    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
    4. Using My Cash From My 9-5 Job To Fund My SFI business

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