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Learning the african language Swahili, & Brazilian portuguese,Traveling, camping, hiking, I like watching animal shows.
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  • The "Rules Of Success" In SFI has given me ideas on what to write about. I made a vow to join 1 traffic exchange site per day to market and advertise my business. I will be more active on some traffic exchanges and not others. You see I want to brand myself in my special way by joining multiple sites. Recently I have gained 2 referrals on such traffic exchanges. I want to master all the marketing and advertising on the traffic exchanges. When I do that I will move on to another type of advertising.

    I want to be the king of kings when it comes to using traffic exchanges for business growth. When due time, trial & error, and dedication, I will succeed for sure. I see all kinds of products and services being advertised in traffic exchanges. From all those advertisements, I want to be the one that's more unique than the others. I have found such unique measures that I use from time to time. Those ads are constantly in rotation because I am an upgraded member on 3 traffic sites. The traffic exchanges that has an open chat section for its members I fancy quite a bit.

    The 4 Step Plan For Massive Success Is as Follow:

    1. Team Building
    2. Duplication
    3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
    4. Using My income From My 9-5 Job To Fund My Business

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    Mar 4th 2020 at 8:49 AM by Andree Victor
    Nice post!
    Mar 7th 2020 at 8:09 PM by Shanah Shabazz
    I like the plan!
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