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Learning the african language Swahili, & Brazilian portuguese,Traveling, camping, hiking, I like watching animal shows.
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  • Mar 7th 2020 at 12:21 PM
    Control Your Own Destiny

    When I started in business for myself, I thought to myself I will be successful in building my empire. You can lose your job at any point in time. But you can't lose your business unless you in mountains of debt or you just flat out quit. No business is built over night. Some people think that money is just going to
    fly out of thin air their first month or year. If you good at selling, you can make money but it takes work.

    What I did my first year in business, I started building me a team my very first month and made some sales. Although I am not at my highest income with my business as I once had, but business work like that sometimes. I just started implementing new strategies and techniques,now my income is increasing more.

    If you think you will succeed, you will succeed for sure. But you will need an action plan along with some goals to make it successful. If you ever quit on anything, remember someone
    else has won, so don't ever quit.

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