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Learning the african language Swahili, & Brazilian portuguese,Traveling, camping, hiking, I like watching animal shows.
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  • Apr 11th 2020 at 5:05 PM
    Why Am I Given Inactive Team Members

    CSA,s stands for Co-Sponsored Affiliate. We are given these team members as a bonus for achieving Executive Affiliate,Bronze Team Leader,Silver Team Leader, Gold Team Leader, Platinum team Leader And Diamond Team Leader. When you buy products, you are also going to get some of these Co-Sponsored Affiliates as a reward. Some of these members will be inactive. As an added bonus, you will get
    matching shares, aka a pool of money, and some free rewardicals added to your account monthly, provided you
    have active CSA,s on your team.

    I have a total of 1,445 CSA,s on my team. I can seriously say,
    some are inactive. I give my active team members some signups myself.

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    Apr 18th 2020 at 6:20 AM by Frederick Miller
    Hey Julius, you’ll get inactive members in all programs, the truth of the matter people program hop, start enthusiastically and when they don’t make money almost immediately they give up and move onto the next big thing they see in all this hyped up BS in advertising. I’ve been promoting a program called ASN for 5 years and l have 398 referrals, not one of them has been active in that entire time, so l know where your coming from. Work with the active referrals you have.
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