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Learning the african language Swahili, & Brazilian portuguese,Traveling, camping, hiking, I like watching animal shows.
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  • Jul 17th 2020 at 3:07 AM
    Positive Affirmations For Everyday Life

    Although I have my own positive affirmations I save everyday.
    Some of these I will add and comment on and implement for better living. I say my affirmations 3-6 times per day. I wonder what would happen if i should say it more times per day? I'm guessing it will make me have a positive reaction or a better outcome on these affirmations.
    Implementation of your goals and planning will help make your positive affirmations become a reality.

    1. I Will Have A Great Day At Work.
    Since I Spend Most Of My Time There.

    2. I Will Become A Gold Team Leader By Years End.
    I Buy Traffic Hits, PSA,s and do some of my own advertising.

    3. I Will Become Fluent In The Swahili Language

    4. I'm Full Of Love & Joy

    5. I'm An Action Taker & I 'll Get Things Done

    6. I Will Never Quit My SFI Business
    Longevity & Staying Power Can Bring Me Success
    With My Business.

    7. I Will Create A Life I Love.

    8. I Will Make Bad Situations Become Good.
    When something do bad happen, I should repeat
    some inspirational quotes & motivational quotes
    to uplift my mood.

    9. I'm A Strong Person Both Body & Soul

    10. I Move Stress Out My Life

    11. I Will Make A Full Time Income With My SFI Business

    #11, I am going to say this everyday from now on. That just
    popped up in my head. That is why I am here with my SFI

    When you say these affirmations non stop, It will change your
    thought patterns and bring peace upon you.

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