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  • Apr 13th 2023 at 12:40 PM
    $191,328,000 A Year BIZ PLAN

    When you go I want to let you in on the BIG PICTURE!

    The TOP END POTENTIAL OF THE MINIMAL EFFORT TO MAX OUT THE MATRIX PORTION OF THE COMP PLAN is $191,328,000 A Year. If you are definitely a Builder that can max out three accounts, up to three accounts are allowed in a Household, one for each Spouse and an LLC, bringing the TOP END POTENTIAL OF THE MINIMAL EFFORT TO MAX OUT THE MATRIX PORTION OF THE COMP PLAN to $573,984,000 a Year! READ THAT AGAIN! What does it take to get there? Well as you will see on the video and can calculate out for yourself, it takes personally referring at least 10 people to get a MONEY SAVINGS MEMBERSHIP and each individual in the matrix reaching the TOP MONEY SAVINGS MEMBERSHIP. You get to 10% match the matrix checks of everyone you sponsor when you’ve sponsored 10 accounts. Households have the potential of saving THOUSANDS of DOLLARS per year with these memberships. Personally referring 10 people, you get to earn from 12 generations of 3 getting 3 people to buy a membership. There are 3 tiers of memberships and it matters not which one you start with as the company automatically upgrades you when certain levels of earnings occur in your business.

    Only create a spouse account and then an LLC if you know for certain you can build all 3 accounts to the max to get all the money available in the comp plan. 10 Sponsorships to earn max from the matrix and you want to get all the matching checks you can. 35 personals gets you to the top rank in the company. Get all the details. If you happen to be a Confident and Strong Builder already that can Max out multiple accounts, you can structure this from the start if you want to.

    Friend, if you see it here, if you GO FOR IT here, you can achieve all you want to achieve. ARE YOU READY TO GET ALL YOU CAN? Come on In and Let’s GET IT! I have earned consistently with Savings Highway Global since starting in November 2016.

    Income Examples are NOT Guarantees of Health, Savings, or Earnings. Your results will vary. Your participation is required with at least two personal sales of memberships to receive matrix earnings.

    Low Startup Cost equal to 66 ⅔ cents a day at the GOLD Membership with HUGE Potential. COME ON!! Is your Financial Freedom and Time Freedom WORTH IT to Take a Leap of Faith for 66 2/3 cents a day? GO TO GET ALL THE DETAILS, AND COME ON IN!! GRAB YOUR SPOT in the next open spot in My Matrix.

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You've GOT to see this video USA Only
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$191,328,000 A Year BIZ PLAN
Apr 13th 2023 at 12:40 PM
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