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  • Let Us Blow Your Mind At How Much Money you can Make from just $1 a Month


    Don’t let the name fool you. Yes 1 Dollar A Month (4 quarters or 10 dimes) with this business is more than capable of eventually replacing job income through leverage.

    The income potential is $7229.04 a Month with this business plan. How would an extra $86,748.48 a Year help with your financial situation? Now, let me make this disclaimer. Income examples are not guarantees. Your results will vary. Now, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of the comp plan. First though, let me WAKE YOU UP!

    Don’t LOSE OUT by sitting this aside or Ignoring It….
    Pay ATTENTION Right Now! Understand that when you read below about building teams of 39, this is a NO BRAINER! DUH! Because Lyle Alexander is mailing to at least 39 people at a time, just like in this mailing to you. You are more than capable of Doing The Same Thing! So get in NOW with me and then start doing the same and let’s SET PEOPLE FREE IN THIS COUNTRY! We can all Mail this out, Text This Out, Email this out, YouTube this out (check out my YouTube video on it at my channel), Social Media Directly to friends and business associates, show it in person to those you know love, and care about. There is NO STOPPING US from setting EVERYONE FREE FINANCIALLY!

    Obviously, I am mailing this out to hundreds of people and I promote online as well. You might as well come along with me, get in the game, and build this with me. How many people do you think you could bring for just $1 a month? Hey, it is only 3 ⅓ cents a day to start to participate in this business! This is a simple little matrix box 3x6. Think of it though as building little teams of 39, 3 getting 3 for 3 generations. Simple. With everyone doing this, your 3x6 will fill up. Some are capable of finding 39 people themselves. When those 39 build little teams of 39 each, there is no stopping this.

    The payment structure has 3 Levels of Benefits Packages and starting with the first of the 3, you can leverage income from the first package to participate in the higher packages and incomes out of profit and not out of pocket. Call the recorded conference line at 515-604-9671 Access Code: 249161# to hear an introduction from the company owner, Doc Lett.

    For those that are more than capable of bringing in people for multiple centers, you may also add a center in your spouse’s name and one in a company name if you have it. With that you may double and triple your income with the same efforts. From profits, we will roll into the other streams of income under the company umbrella from the owner of THE 1 DOLLAR THING. His Business Plan is Rock Solid and Brilliant!

    Your Cost of getting started in the business is one year in advance of monthly $1 memberships + an annual $2 admin fee and $2 credit card fee if paying by credit card. Just $14 or $16 to get started with us. Wow! A No Brainer, but if taken seriously, WOW!

    Get started now by going to my website and join and be ready to pay with your method of choice. Together, we are going to max this thing out and build multiple streams of income. I’ve also included flyers for earning free postage and other money too. redirects to (Please be patient with the website loading at first) Click the Income Opp and Videos Tabs!

    Is your Financial Freedom and Time Freedom worth it to take a leap of faith for 3 1/3 cents a day and then sharing this business for your Financial and Time Freedom?

    What would you do with $86,748.48 a year? Then INCREDIBLY MORE when we roll in to the other income streams under the company umbrella from the owner of THE 1 DOLLAR THING.

    See the Big Picture? Come Along with us RIGHT NOW!



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