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  • Let Me Introduce You to a Business Plan with a…..

    $47.8 Million Dollar Annual Pay Plan Capacity For You!
    Introducing SAVINGS HIGHWAY GLOBAL. The Name says it all. SAVINGS. I just got paid again for helping people save money! Savings on everything up and down the street. Significant savings for every aspect of your life. They may even be able to lower your bills. In addition to the day to day savings, enjoy SIGNIFICANT DEEP savings on all things Travel. SHG has two levels of savings memberships $20 Gold and $100 Platinum. Start where you fit in and even if you start at Gold, once you have $300 in monthly income, you will be upgraded to Platinum. 12 months at Platinum and you will be rewarded with a $3,000 value week long 5 Diamond Vacation at a High End Resort. Get Paid up to every week on a Branded Visa Debit Card and you’ll even be able to transfer money to your bank account. You have full control of your money.

    Your cost of being a part of this business to start is only 66 2/3 cents a day. WOW! Share this with as many people as you can as fast as you can. Finding 2 people brings you a potential from 2x10 Matrix Pay of up to over $123,000 Annually. Finding 3, your potential from 3 x 10 Matrix Pay is up $5.3 Million Annually. Finding 5, your potential from 3 x 11 Matrix Pay is up to $15.9 Million Annually. Finding 10 your potential from 3 x 12 Matrix Pay is up to $47.8 Million Annually. If that was not enough, there is also INFINITY POWER CODES unlimited in width and depth and also MATCHING PAY!

    Come Join Us on our Webinar Conference Line Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 9pm EST

    Come along with us! Go to my Domain Redirect Link below

    Disclaimer INCOME EXAMPLES ARE NOT GUARANTEES. Your Results will Vary. This is not a guarantee of health, savings, or earnings. Please Turn Page Over Dollar Figures Show Capacities of the Business Plan. A network of sales of Savings Memberships determine your level of Income.
    DON’T LOSE OUT on positioning by sitting this aside or Ignoring It….
    Pay ATTENTION Right Now! This is a Simple Matrix Comp Plan. When looking at comp plans like this, flip it upside down and understand that it can be looked at like 10 or 12 generations of everyone referring 2 or 3. Everyone is more than capable of referring 2 - 3 people, but for the big picture you will want to refer as many as possible. Read on to see why. Refer 2 to start participating in getting paid. Refer 3 to expand the matrix in width and then start earning unlimited width to infinity and unlimited to infinity depth coded bonuses. Refer 5 to add the 11th level of income. Refer 10 to add the 12th level of income. WOW! You will want to find as many people as possible as fast as possible to participate in the Matching Income that is over and above the Coded Bonuses. Lyle Alexander is mailing to at least 20 people at a time, just like in this mailing to you. I already have a group scattered through 12 levels that I can see, so I will be placing you in the matrix and then when people come in after you, chances are that I may be placing people under you too as more come in with me. I have mailed hundreds and will be mailing continually. I am taking 20% of profits to mail more letters and will do so no matter how high my income reaches. You are more than capable of Doing The Same Thing! So get in NOW with me and then start doing the same and let’s SET PEOPLE FREE IN THIS COUNTRY! We can all Mail this out, Text This Out, Email this out, YouTube this out (check out my YouTube video on it at my channel), Social Media Directly to friends and business associates, show it in person to those you know love, and care about. There is NO STOPPING US from SETTING EVERYONE FREE! It doesn’t take very many generations of people when you bring in at least 10 people who do the same. As the numbers go higher in personal referrals, it takes less and less generations of referrals to fill up a matrix. People are more than capable of bringing in a lot more people. There are no limits to your potential. Tap In To It!

    Is your Financial Freedom and Time Freedom WORTH IT to Take a Leap of Faith for 66 2/3 cents a day and then sharing this business for your Financial and Time Freedom?

    What would you do with $123,000 a year?

    See the Big Picture? Come Along with us RIGHT NOW!



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