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I live in the United Kingdom, happily married to Nicole. Live in a great area of UK with all the general run of the mill stuff that goes towards enjoying a great life...

Been working online now for over two decades, mainly in affiliate marketing and helping people to build teams and earn a passive income.'s what I'm involved in online!
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  • Nov 28th 2022 at 12:20 PM
    Solving The List Building Headache..

    YES you need a list if you're serious about creating success online.


    I'm sure that by now you will have heard many times that building a list is key to creating any kind of success online?

    The tall and short of it is that to create any significant ongoing income online a list really is paramount.

    However, even before starting to build the list it can involve quite a significant learning curve and a financial outlay.

    You'd Need:

    1) Products or offers that have value and that you can make revenue from.

    2) An autoresponder to manage your list.

    3) A means or system to create your lead capture pages.

    4) A host for hosting your domain and pages.

    5) An extensive array of website promotion systems.

    6) A selection of pre-written emails to share with your list/lists.

    7) And of course the knowledge to know how to map this all together to make it effective.

    If this sounds fairly daunting, then at this point you'll be pleased to know that there is an easier way, a much easier way.

    There is a system that pretty much handles the entire process. Wait, what am I saying? It handles the whole process and more!

    And, it even tops up your leads daily with between 100 to 200 leads automatically.

    Here's what to expect:

    You will get the leads as I've mentioned, you also get your own private in-house mailing system so that you can email all of your growing list of leads DAILY!

    You own all the leads, so when the time comes you can load them onto any other autoresponder that you may have.

    If you wanted to share the system itself with your leads you will earn a pleasing residual income down to '5' levels. Plus! The emails to send to your growing list if you did are already done and all you have to do is click load and send. It's that easy.

    The main point here though is that you'd be saving yourself an inordinate amount of time, and money, and if you wished to instantly start promoting something to your very own list you will be able to.

    It doesn't get much easier, or simpler than that...

    I hear you screaming that this system that will automatically provide you with 3000 to 6000 leads EVERY month must cost a pretty penny.

    In-fact, no, it will cost you just $30 to join, and $30 a month, That's $60 to get started and after your first full month it works out to be just a dollar a day!

    Yep! just a dollar a day for all this ability. AND, 98% of the leads are U.S.A. based.

    Want to know more?

    Take a look. Click Here and see exactly how others are benefitting massively from using this system, and when you get started you will too.

    This will solve any list building issues...

    Clive Anderson

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