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Hi Folks ,it said Update my interests where do I start.
I became Passionate, on the study of Personal growth and development , when I was about 35 ..I saw so many people bring about change,.. simply because they became more awear, they had more control.
BOOKS, Tapes etc many of these are underscored this red, Green and Black .. Notes.
I am still very keen to stay abreast of the New Mind study ,developments . It is getting very exciting as we see the new frontiers of Science and spiritual, law moving closer to an understanding and acceptance .
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  • I have had a Passion for many Years .."would you believe 40 years " ., In the Network and 20 years In online, Internet Promotion, Teaching and Coaching Via email and Online... wow .. those exciting years went so quickly.

    It Started Here.. ?. Years ago when I was a Broker. We become frustrated with NOT having anything in our Toolbag to help the people who just could NOT afford the Plans we offered. .. That was the Public Masses.

    It all started with a committed thought .. and a group of us. setting up a special Focus Mastermind group, or Think Tank .

    " Let's help many people, we are talking with . who are the General MASSES of the Public, and let us set up simple start programs to help drive them OUT of Debit.. quicker.
    instead of driving them into More Debit, with loans and credit Cards .
    "And WHY have the Corporate world NOT YET.. picked up on this !!! .
    " Every one is STILL after 60 years , seeing this Network Marketing Business as a Simple Personal Sales Person to person Business..
    HEY friend, IT is MASSIVE if we have , started to lift the Imagination ... just a bit .

    If you walk into a Tyer Repair shop .. what do you expect to BUY .. Tyers.. and expect to PAY . Why is there NOT an INCOME INDUSTRY . to BUY INCOME .. YES it IS a PRODUCT .

    The truth is the Corporate world Do NOT know how to Put it all together , they are too NARROW focused on THEIR BUSINESS. and still see Networking as the poorer Cousin.
    But what IF.. you started
    Helping the general public to help themselves in MASS. ". With new Learning about Financial basics .. simple stuff like :

    The truth is the Corporate world Do NOT know how to Put it all together , they are NARROW focused on THEIR BUSINESS.
    We started teach a few raw Basics ..
    " Never, NEVER put all your eggs in that ONE basket". and THAT INCLUDES YOUR INCOME .
    " Learn to Do what the wealthy have always done ..
    Set up Multiple Income streams of INCOME "
    Use Pocket Income Subscription Programs in a Porfolio just like they have done for years and for the same reasons . Reduce Risk of a company failure .. lossing your business LIST .
    Spread Risk and Increase the stability of Lifetime passive income..
    Hey we also FIND people do NOT drop out of the business if they are, learning and earning quicker .

    Getting more public recognition from our Brokerage result.
    With a bit of Business Head office FUNDING to become proud SPONSORS of Sports Team .. this has Masive return . Matching the INCOME of the team you sponsor as new CASHFLOW "

    We found. just sitting and helping our Prospect .. set up a PLAN.. that Paid for the rent .. or the Mortgage, an extra . $500 or $1000 a Month. .. they were our friend for life ..Instead of walking away from our Office .. never to be sent again.

    I set up an Income Planning Division.. to talk about Other Ideas of Income generation. I was just working with 3 Networking Companies. at the time. and recognized the Massive potential if only the general PUBLIC could see more of this as Normal and understood the simplicity of the system.
    This was the mission statement set up by our Mastermind group .. back in 2002 .

    It took until January 2019 with improved and advanced technology and evolution, and the wonderful compound sites of value, Like Hungry for Hits. More referrals, to make it a reality.

    I am .. E-Rob Field a Proud Foundation member of TGII .

    The modern Online Income Industry Business model.

    These are " simple Pocket Income Programs " We call them Pocket Income because they FIT all Pockets, sure they also create lots of different income streams to fund the pocket.
    most 10 to 15 years Online and evolving each year ., with a selected range of solid Proven long term Stable businesses.

    Suitable for all people, Business Global or Local Business
    Ideal for Local Town or to set your own,
    YOUR LOCALTown Prosperity Club.

    The system is more like Facebook or social media ..a FREE sharing model .. to build a Customer database.
    Because all Product and Services are Websites, all Digital, Your only task is to get your referral link and Promote awareness of the Key Communication Program.

    You will not be handling any Stock, Money or Paperwork, just get your ONE LINK .. referral link and share it.
    You will also have a Self Funding Monthly growing Global Business.. for Security across your many Global subscription member Programs. Some of these are One time Payment only . to smooth out Cash-flow .
    We make a Start .. to request More Information here .. .

    Early Training is helped along by Understanding more about Lead generation is a perfect product, to start with
    for New people or experienced Business
    because of the fact, EVERY website Needs, new, and a constant flow of New Leads .. Leads.

    The perfect ADD_ON NEW Income.. for Increased CASH FLOW . Note: This has nothing to do with any Risk or the Share-Market .

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