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Hi Folks ,it said Update my interests where do I start.
I became Passionate, on the study of Personal growth and development , when I was about 35 ..I saw so many people bring about change,.. simply because they became more awear, they had more control.
BOOKS, Tapes etc many of these are underscored this red, Green and Black .. Notes.
I am still very keen to stay abreast of the New Mind study ,developments . It is getting very exciting as we see the new frontiers of Science and spiritual, law moving closer to an understanding and acceptance .
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  • Sep 21st 2019 at 6:17 AM
    The Start TEAM . Total simplicity .

    The system ..and Focus is to CREATE INCOME... Suitable for the General Public MASSES. reliable and realistic.
    Solid, Stable, Monthly Growing Multiple Streams or Sources of Income.

    Guys, I think most people will agree to only be working for the Boss, To have only ONE income is extremely stressful and a bit of a worry. The big problem is WHERE do to find a reliable, forever business .. as a Side income.

    Some will say Income is NOT a Product.. then WHY are you working so hard for . INCOME .
    You travel and Fight the TRAFFIC to town 2 hours For the One Product we all want ,.. More Stable INCOME .
    Why are you online ..? to generate SALES to Create INCOME .. so If you can make it easier on yourself .." Would you be Open to Learn about some Fun NEW , evolved ways to Make money online " .. simple Yes or NO .

    HOW ?... with your Imagination this will help explain.
    Opps by the way .. What do you think might happen when Woolworthe ,Bunnings , Chemist Whaarehouse or a hundread other Corporates could see .. If they supported THIS program , They will Match each Other Branch across the country . Why Because it works fro the Masses .
    Not just keen Marketing people .

    Friends , we are Not trying to recreate the Wheel, it,s been done . But what we are doing is Modeling our Business on the Shape Of the Wheel .. the Waggon Wheel.

    To help you visualize. how our portfolio selection of opportunity business, fit smoothly together and helps to build a solid income stream, faster, and with greater stability.

    1 We have a Central HUB .. Like the Hub of the wagon wheel where, this becomes the Start system the Central Communication Programs, Training, Support, and contact system of Global Full 24/7 Support etc.

    2 Next, we have the many solid Wooden Spokes, of the wagon wheel all connected to the Hub, to hold things together. These are the Selected different, Private Independent Businesss, Typical been in business for over 10 , 15 and even 20 years, Time tested Programs.

    3 Finally, we have the Solid Steel Band around the outside end of the waggon wheel spokes , this can represent, the Payment Processors, all sitting at the end of each Spokes.

    These are all ready to Pay you, all the well know ones, Debit Bank Cards, Bitcoin, and the companies that now have all funding deposited into Mastercard and Visa card , so they become self Funded debit cards .. to be used anywhere Globally .
    The Combind Income Payments from the several programs, you have upgraded in Globall , Forms a solid band of stable growing Monthly Income.. Just like this Steel ring, around the outside of the wagon wheel.
    It all helps people be paid Quicker, so we have substantially reduced and eliminated the high drop out rate of the past single program network, giving people a better experience of their Online venture.

    It combines the strengths of Affiliate, Networking and e-commerce Online .. as a Modern Business model.

    To help people Identify the modern version of this business.
    The system .. is known as
    " The modern Global Online Income Industry. "
    This is one of our Key START programs withing the HUB.
    How do you get started ..what do you do ?
    Just Join any program of your interest, they ALL refer back to the Hub. and then you will be advised to join " Our Free Cash Network " .. the Central HUB .
    Once you are here, just work down through the LIST.
    First TASK .. In your own time , work down through the LIST .

    1 Sign up everything, all programs. FIRST. FREE.... and ONCE YOU HAVE DONE THIS. to start creating Income, you will need to be a Paid Member.. most typically under $10 for the first upgrade.
    Upgrade to GOLD in PLS . and then to at least the first stage update .in.. some of the. OFCN and Lifetime -ads.

    2 Then we Focus on PROMOTION to attract and find ,2. Keen self-motivated new Global business friends JUST.. to help 2... who will follow you.
    3 Then we focus Promotion on their two .. so you have 4. Quality Trained people. in your downline.

    4 Now you find 2 more. and Repeat .. Find 2 and help them find their two.

    5 .. Now make some effort to Learn the basics of the Power leads System ..
    That's the Simplicity of the fully automated system.

    And keep in mind EVERYTHING COMPOUNDS, once a few new people start to join you ..
    Focus Promotion to Attract 10 people, good keen FOLLOWERS of the system . and your on your way .

    PS The more you read , Listen to the Video .take notes etc... They can some times become a bit the same .
    but this is the way we learn any new skill through repetition ... until it becomes habit.
    But... with this .. it soon becomes FUN .. you will become amazed how quickly you will pick up little bits more every time.
    you will Hear the Jargon, and start to remember some of the words we all use. Then starts to see how it all fits together.

    Hey don,t forget .." Mr.. GOOGLE" you can always do a Google search.. for stuff,.. words. "What is an autoresponder " .. ." what does this mean " etc.

    INCOME .. With the Power lead system .. as a Gold Member you have the world best .. and for VALUE .. Once you understand it a bit better to promote ANY business.
    You will never have to start Over again .. like most people who cannot get the online working for them.

    Its also a fact .. Nearly any ONE of these key programs in the back office of OFCN or LIFETIME_ADS has many people earning 6 figure incomes.
    and with The Power lead system .. you have a service that all business Needs.. you can use as a cash - flow, to the local Community.

    Cheers Rob .

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