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  • Hello, My name is Melissa and I have been working from home for over 15 years. When I first got into affiliate marketing and internet marketing, like many others, I didn't understand why it was so important to build your own brand and list.

    Many explained to me that I should be focusing on "branding" myself and building my own email list. But I really didn't understand the importance of this.

    I continued to just use traffic exchanges and safelists sites to build product awareness and while yes I did have some success in what I was doing, I wasn't building a name for myself and growing my own list.

    Years later, I understand why I should have been taking the time to network and grow my own brand awareness and trust and list and I am thankful for admins like Klara and sites like that teach others this importance.

    So, if you utilize the tools provided here you too can be a successful internet marketer and make a great living from home.

    If you are looking for more great tools that every marketer needs to grow their email list and business plus a way to make a residual income with a team who will help you grow, check out my banner below:

    FAFY AIOP Team Build will help you make money!

    To your success,

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