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  • Mar 19th 2020 at 5:03 PM
    *** Your $5 Dollar Success Plan ***

    *** Your $5 Dollar Success Plan ***

    Your $5 Success Plan is designed to help you build a solid recurring online income with a ridiculously low start-up investment of only $5.

    Here is how it works.

    1. Begin by joining 1-1 Hits $5 Club. Sign up free through the link listed below,
    http://1-1hits.com/?rid=1819, log in, and then click the upgrade link to join the $5 Club.

    You will then earn $5.00 month after month for each person you refer who also joins the $5 Club. This pays INSTANTLY!

    2. Once you have earned $10 from the 1-1 Hits $5 Club, sign up for BuildABizOnline.com through this link, https://www.buildabizonline.com/?imakemoneynow, and purchase the Pro Plus upgrade.

    From then on you will earn $6.00 monthly from any of your BuildABizOnline referrals who also upgrade to Pro Plus.

    The Pro Plus upgrade includes:
    • web hosting,
    • a splash page builder,
    • 2 banner builders,
    • an autoresponder,
    • link tracker/cloaker,
    and more.

    3. Use your earnings from the above to join Traffic Firepower Unleashed below from the following link, http://trafficfirepower.com/aff/3419, and purchase the monthly Platinum upgrade for $10.

    From then on you will earn $5.00 monthly from your Traffic Firepower referrals who also upgrade to Platinum. This site will also build a list for you that you will be able to email with your offers directly from the Traffic Firepower member area.

    4. Finally join Buckets Of Banners through the link below, http://ezlinkcloaker.com/link/bob, and purchase the Club BoB upgrade for $10.

    You will then earn $5.00 recurring income from your referrals who also upgrade to the Club BoB option. Club BoB will get you lots of banner exposures for the above programs as well as a certain splash page that will earn you even more banner credits whenever it is displayed.

    This system is an ALL-INCLUSIVE business. By going through the steps above you will have fast traffic and an instant income earner (1-1 Hits);
    an autoresponder, splash maker, tracker and web hosting (BuildABizOnline); a unique viral traffic and list builder (Traffic Firepower Unleashed); and viral banner advertising (Buckets of Banners). The total for upgrades in all the steps above, and complete business is only $35 a month.

    And you will earn $21.00 month after month from every referral who follows you in this $5 Success Plan.

    Let's do some quick math…

    $21.00 Monthly => your total potential income per EACH of your referrals who follow the process above.

    What if you had only 10 active referrals, or 25… or even 50? I'm not making any promises you will get that many (that is up to you) but I do know that is a whole lot more each month than most MLMs or downline programs for that number of active referrals.

    Think about that, how many programs do you know that have the potential of $21 per active referral at the low cost to that person of only $35.00 a month? You will be IN PROFIT after your 2nd referral follows you in this Success Plan!

    You can start for only $5 and use your earnings from each program to upgrade in the next.


    Get started, now! And reap the benefits in a year as your residual income grows, your list expands, and your bank account balance starts to grow exponentially!


    Cloak all your links here and protect all your hard-earned Affiliate Commissions!

    Have a*´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ * Wonderful day! *


    Affiliate Training Also Right Here!

    .•*.•* .•*.•*%%%.•*.•*%%%.•*.•*.•*.•*%%%.•*.•* .•*

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