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  • *** Because We NEED a Laugh Right Now… ***

    Your clients and customers could probably use some
    humor right now. These jokes came from social
    media, but a quick Google search will find plenty
    more that you can enjoy yourself and share with

    I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to change
    my Netflix password so my ex can’t use it anymore
    and it doesn’t really get much better than a
    national lockdown. - @amelianashh

    In an unsettling reversal of my teenage years, I
    am now yelling at my parents for going out. –
    Brigid Delaney

    A bar in my neighborhood is delivering entire
    liters of their premixed margaritas for $25 and
    you get a complimentary roll of toilet paper with
    your purchase and it’s really starting to feel
    like there are no rules anymore. – Ryan Brooks

    AMERICA, EVERY WEEKEND: “I just wanna Netflix and
    Chill lol.”
    my God-given right to go outside and lick whatever
    I want.” – Jake Whitacre

    America sure is having some bad luck. It’s almost
    like it was built on an ancient Indian burial
    ground. – Bea_ker
    Pretty sure it’s not just America. In Australia we
    had fire, then flood, now this. Thanks 2020. My
    husband told me last year that he felt like 2020
    was going to be the start of something awesome.
    I’ll make some PSA’s next time he says that, so we
    can all prepare. – The Knight Owl

    “Why is my sister’s name Paris?”
    “Because we conceived her in Paris.”
    “Thanks Dad.”
    “No problem, Quarantine.”

    Sometime in the future…
    “Dad, why aren’t there handles on doors anymore?”
    “Son, it’s time I tell you about the year 2020…”

    What a f***ing year this week has been. – Han Dolo

    Finland just closed its borders. You know what
    that means… no one will be crossing the finish
    line. (sorry)

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