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  • *** The Next 100 Days Will Determine Your Future!!! ***

    Think that is an exaggeration?


    And I don't mean this CoronaVirus health
    scare that we are all forced to deal with.

    I mean the future of your Internet Online

    Most people have made the decision to work
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    Some have made it voluntarily, others by
    having it thrust on them.

    I was one!

    You may have been too! And we all know
    many who are in the same boat, no?

    You can go with the flow and move with the
    tide, supporting each other along the way!

    Or, you can swim against the flow, up
    stream, and try to survive in an
    ever-changing world,
    that has just become known to all of us!

    What chances do you think you have going
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    Forget it!

    Join the rest of us who have decided to
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    Have you seen the financial pages lately?

    Check what has happened to the Dow. It is
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    gotten into the full
    exposure of this CoronaVirus thing!
    Personal portfolios are down to record
    lows, gold and silver prices
    are set to jump astronomically!

    Do you have faith in this government
    saving your job, your wealth, and your
    source of income?

    If so, then go onto reading the next email
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    But, if you are like the rest of us
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    Go here now and invest a few minutes to
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    Can you say the same thing for your
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    You can join us now, or you can join us
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