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  • The Arnold Schwarzenegger marketing

    I heard a great story about how Arnold
    Schwarzenegger could get any role in any
    movie he wanted back in his glory days.

    In fact he probably still could now to be

    He's not my favourite actor and not one of
    the greats in my humble opinion (although
    I wouldn't tell him that to his face!)

    But the fact was Arnie could simply TAKE
    any movie role he wanted and the studio
    heads would welcome him with open arms
    every time.

    If the director of the film disagreed he
    was told in no uncertain terms that if it
    was a choice between him and Arnold it
    would be the director who got dumped every

    No matter how famous or well-respected he

    You know why Arnold Schwarzenegger had
    such power?

    Because he knew how to PROMOTE a film like
    no other star.

    He could get coverage.

    He could get attention.

    He KNEW what to do.

    And that knowledge was power.

    Once Arnie realised he knew the secret, he
    never looked back

    One little thing that changed everything
    for him.

    Cool eh?



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