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  • May 5th 2020 at 12:31 AM
    *** Pandemic Positive Reality Check ***

    *** Pandemic Positive Reality
    Check ***

    In the midst of all the dire news,
    perhaps it’s time for a positive
    reality check:

    • Most people still have jobs and
    an income. Even during the great
    depression, the vast majority of
    people were employed.

    • An economic crash doesn’t destroy
    wealth, it merely transfers it. The
    money still there, although you
    might need a new method to get it.

    • People are still spending money
    and always will.

    • Regardless of what happens – good
    or bad - some industries will
    prosper and some won’t. This has
    always been true and always will be

    • Economic downturns are almost
    always shorter than periods of
    growth. What you do now sets you up
    for the next growth period.

    • Some of the most brilliant minds
    around the world are united in
    working tirelessly on treatments
    and vaccines for the virus.

    • Whatever it takes, we will get
    through this. Humans have been
    through tens and likely hundreds of
    pandemics before, and never before
    did we have the resources we have

    • Being curled into a ball of fear
    won’t improve the pandemic. Neither
    will choosing to be positive and
    working on your business. But the
    second option will improve your

    $1 Million Every Second:
    I just read that the Federal
    Reserve is printing $1 million
    every second.

    Now if I could just have 5 seconds
    of their time…


    PS – The journey of a thousand miles
    starts with the first step...

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