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  • re: *FREE* 100+ Quick & Easy Lessons to Build a $1000/m Website (and get traffic...)

    If you want to create a system that
    builds your list, makes sales, upsells,
    delivers products automatically, makes
    affiliate sales and more then look no

    Right now you can join an exclusive
    masterclass that takes you through the
    entire step-by-step process of building
    a REAL internet business from start to

    Here's a sneak preview of what's inside...

    * Introduction to sales funnels and why you need one
    * A step-by-step break down of every part of the process (12 of them...)
    * Tools and software you need to build your empire
    * How to register a profitable domain for your business
    * Simple tricks to minimize costs when selling 100s of products

    * How to create websites fast and effortlessly with templates
    * The 4 must-have files you need for a sales funnel
    * How to name your files and in which order to present them

    * How to write compelling sales letters that sell your product
    * How to create OTO 'one-time offers' and upsells for more profit
    * A proven upsell formula that converts at 20%-40% or more
    * How to redirect customers to the right access page after buying
    * How to create bypass links for your upsell pages

    * How to create thank you pages for every buyer option
    * A simple way to boost your affiliate income after every sale
    * How to create zip files to deliver multiple files together
    * How to add clickable download links to your thank you pages

    * How to create PayPal 'buy now' buttons to sell anything online
    * A simple way to create upsell buttons for your OTOs
    * How to enable auto-return in PayPal to redirect your customers
    * How to add your payment buttons to your sales page and upsell

    * How to create squeeze pages that build your list like crazy!
    * How to develop a 'long' squeeze page that attract more subscribers
    * What free gift to give-away that people find irresistible
    * An effective way to deliver your gift and minimize fake signups

    * How to setup and personalize your autoresponder account
    * Create simple yet highly effective opt-in forms
    * 1 hidden feature you need to disable to get more signups
    * Ways to optimize your opt-in form for highest conversions
    * How to embed your opt-in form into your squeeze page

    * How to write, structure and format your follow-up emails
    * Develop winning email campaigns that boost your sales
    * How to 'prime' your subscribers to buy in your intro email
    * What content to add into your follow-ups for 30-50%+ open-rates
    * How to add emails into your autoresponder sequence effectively

    * How to connect to your server with free FTP software
    * An explanation of the '4 window layout' and functions you need to know
    * How to upload files to your server using 'drag and drop'
    * A simple step-by-step checklist to test that everything works

    And then we'll move on and cover
    everything you need to know about
    getting traffic...

    * How to generate 100% FREE traffic using the 8-Way Traffic Cycle strategy
    * The 1 URL to redirect all your traffic to and why (this will save you years of frustration...)
    * How to 'recycle' content and generate MORE traffic, whilst writing LESS!
    * How to use niche forums to build quality content that will last a lifetime!

    * How to develop EXISTING content to create articles that people want to read
    * How to write, structure and title your articles for MAXIMUM effect
    * Simple 'title tricks' that can generate 200-300 views per article!
    * How to write effective call-to-actions that generate 34%+ CTR!

    * A case study of 2 marketers who have generated over 3,000,000+ free visitors
    * How to compile MULTIPLE pieces of content to produce even MORE traffic
    * How to use graphics, audios and videos to build your online presence
    * 3 Secret letters to create content even FASTER even if you DON'T know the subject

    * How to multiply the 8-Way Traffic Cycle strategy with traffic trades
    * The secret to buying traffic... and getting paid in the process! (a real eye-opener...)
    * A rolodex of all the best sites to submit your content and what keywords to use
    * 2 Must-know places to buy and trade traffic to build your list fast

    * How to plan out a $1000/m sales funnel to achieve your financial goals
    * Reverse engineer a funnel to know EXACTLY how much traffic you need every day
    * 3 Practical things you add to any sales funnel to boost profits instantly
    * How to use F_____ F______ in your business for insane profit (without working harder...)
    * Plus so much more!...

    And can you believe that all this
    information is available for free?

    The amount of value packed into this
    membership is just insane. There are
    courses online now which are charging
    $497 or more just for this information
    and rightly so because when applied it
    will directly impact your income.

    So what's the catch?...

    This will be soon be part of a paid
    product, however more feedback and
    video testimonials are needed.

    So this is your chance to save over
    $497 worth of information right now by
    simply creating a membership account...

    To Your Success,

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

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