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  • Mar 22nd 2020 at 2:21 PM
    Escape from friend zone

    The “friend zone” is a term that refers to a situation where one individual in a friendship develops armorous feelings and wants to become “more than friends” with the other person. The other person is often unaware of the passionate feelings of their friend and is very content in the platonic. As a consequence, the person in the friend zone is “stuck,” unable to move from friend to girlfriend or boyfriend.

    The term is widely used by both men and women who have unknowingly placed some of their friends in this particular zone. Some believe that the “friend zone” is a tool to make women feel guilty. I disagree, I know women, as well as men who use the term, but do not view the friend zone as a tool to create distance from romantic intimacy. The term isn’t about being nice to someone in order to receive a reward.
    It can be frustrating to be trapped in a relationship and wanting more. This dissatisfaction is often sexually motivated, with one friend desiring a physical I’m sure that we all have been in a situation where you’re attracted to a friend, but your friend doesn’treciprocate the feelings. It is not the end of the world if the person you like doesn’t feel the same way. In some cases, it takes a little effort and time for the person to realize that they may have taken you for granted.

    al relationship with another. Think of sex as a bonus, a sort of gift for friendship. Don’t nice or do things for a person in order to have sex. If you do get awarded with sex great, but don’t mention it or look for it.

    Some friends are often sexually active in some situations (i.e. mates-with-benefits), so as a devoted girlfriend or boyfriend there is a reason for the change into a relationship. If anything, the friend zone is a good thing, it means that you’re in that special someone’s life, not as an associate, but as a friend. As a friend there’s always room for growth, you can go from friend to best friend, or from a friend to partner. The friend zone isn’t always a means to end.
    How to escape the friend zone

    The relationship is imbalanced because of your sexual desires. Take a step back, and don’t be so available for their every need….The truth is you must be ready to walk off; desperation can only land you deeper into the zone. I believe that the “friend zone” isn’t just one dimensional, they’re level to it.

    Complaining about the friend zone won’t do you any good, they don’t see you like that yet. Try to remove yourself, if you use to hang with the person 90% of the time, try to take it down to 40% instead of 90% especially if you’re their go-to buddy. You will create a void and they might miss you a little bit.

    Maybe you tried to tell them how you feel. She/he may laugh or try to ridicule your feelings, “I see you more as a brother/sister”. When you’re in the friend zone you must gradually work your way out of it. Don’t let the fact that their hooking up with other people get to you. It’s important to know that the friend zone isn’t a one-person zone. There might be many others that feel the same way you do toward that person.
    for more info on how to escape the friend zone

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  • Feb 19th 2020 at 10:19 AM
    My Amazing Trip to Rio

    We spent our days drinking Caipirinhas and walking the streets of Rio. People always ask me is Brazil safe? Brazil is as safe a place as anywhere else in the world. It's all about knowing where it's ok to be a tourist. You must learn to protect yourself by being vigilant at all times. Be humble, respectful, and avoid wearing any sort of jewelry, just like you would anytime you're in unfamiliar territories.

    Brazil was kind of expensive to me, so we decide when in Brazil do like the Brazilians. We avoided the fancy restaurants and ate where the locals ate, Brazilian steakhouse is delicious anywhere you decide to get it.
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  • Confident people always have a positive attitude. They efficiently do the task because they follow the routines and maintain separate time for everything. Many people approach confident people so they don’t need to worry about business. In this way, they are successful.

    But do you know how they become successful and better at it than us? Learn about the behavior of confident people on how they climb the ladder of success and why we fell off the ladder. Practice their habits and procedure in gaining success. Learn to live their life in your own way. (Note: I don’t mean to say you have to do everything that they do. Just follow their principles)
    How Confident people think?
    The confidence of a person depends upon how they think. Do you know what they believe? They don’t put much pressure on thinking. Instead, they make a plan and move forward according to their plan. Here are some of their simple steps they do that you can follow.

    No Excuses
    Excuses are for lazy people. They keep pushing all tasks to another day, and the final quality of the job is usually degrading in which the confidence of that person depletes.

    Confident people make a schedule and stick to it. They keep themselves away from any excuses.

    Focus on Solutions and Planning
    Confident people are solution-oriented people. They focus on a solution rather than gaining the profit. Planning is code to success. It doesn’t mean if you make a plan, you will be successful immediately. Planning involves making a timetable and moving based on the time set forth, but make sure your road map is feasible.

    Far from the comfort zone
    The comfort zone makes you lazy. It gives you too much leisure time. Confident people stay away from their comfort zone. They don’t want to make an excuse, so instead, they focus on their goals and moves towards them. Don’t leave the remaining work for tomorrow if you can do it today. Everyone in this world gets tired but make a habit of doing something for an equal interval of time every day. It is scientifically proven that if you continuously do the same task for 21 days, it gets converted into a habit. On the contrary, the same goes for breaking a habit.

    Avoid comparing
    If you are comparing yourself to others, you are insulting yourself. Your task is incomparable. You are wasting your time if your success is based on what others are doing. There is no gain in comparing in that form. Instead, invest that time in your planning, you will be one step closer to success.

    Confident people learn from others. They perform a study and analyze their past work.

    They Stand still in any circumstances
    Have you ever noticed the struggle of successful people? No, you haven’t and neither have I. Because we’ve only seen their success. People with confidence never focus on their downfall. They remain constantly in a positive mindset and use any failure or errors as a learning opportunity.

    They look for a solution in any situation. They keep work life and private life separately. They’re very aware of their emotions because they understand that emotions can affect their mood and the particular project they’re currently working on.

    Having control over your emotions can not only allow you to make better decisions but also give you the ability to focus on your next step and stay calm. A lot of people have the tendency to back off when they’re put in a lot of pressure. Do not allow yourself to get backed into a corner but instead take a deep breath, relax and collect your thoughts in order to come up with the best solution to tackle the task at hand.

    Keep the thing secret until success
    Do you know if you speak out your plan to the public, you are increasing pressure on yourself? People won’t understand your circumstances and never will; they want to disturb you and stop you from getting to success. They want you in their lazy bone team. So, try to keep your plan secret until you get success in it.

    Confident people don’t tell anyone what’s in their minds. Instead, they work on it in silence. They do hard work until they achieve success.
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Mar 22nd 2020 at 2:21 PM
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