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  • Over the course of the last couple of decades we have been watching CAREFULLY. We were involved at the beginning of personal computers as the very 1st computers arrived in offices in the 1970s. We were involved as the 1st Sinclair Spectrum home computers arrived.

    We were there for the start of the internet when only commercial business use was in the market. But commercial businesses saw what was coming and they drove the market forward.

    And then came YouTube - and you the viewers now take things forward by showing us all what YOU want most when you have free time. We ALL want entertainment.
    At Global Homeworkers Club what is exactly what we are about. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE ENTERTAINMENT.

    So sit back as we take you on a wild ride of mystery & magic, of witches & demons into the fantasy realms of SKYRIM courtesy of BETHESDA SOFTWARE.

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