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  • The FREE Lottery Draw will take place very soon, BUT....

    You have to be In To Win!

    It does not require a purchase, just a deposit (called a Stake) for as little as $2 in WESA Tokens that will earn you a 50% profit over a 30 day period.

    Here are some results from last month's lottery and this month is GUARANTEED to be BIGGER....

    Pool 1 Deposit $ 2 receive $3.00 Plus ticket for Pool 1 Lottery (Top prize last month) $ 210.60
    Pool 2 Deposit $ 3 receive $4.50 Plus ticket for Pool 2 Lottery (Top prize last month) $ 294.50
    Pool 3 Deposit $ 5 receive $7.50 Plus ticket for Pool 3 Lottery (Top prize last month) $ 424.62
    Pool 4 Deposit $10 receive $15.00 Plus ticket for Pool 4 Lottery (Top prize last month) $ 733.75
    Pool 5 Deposit $20 receive $30.00 Plus ticket for Pool 5 Lottery (Top prize last month) $1,240.00
    Pool 6 Deposit $60 receive $90.00 Plus ticket for Pool 6 Lottery (Top prize last month) $3,142.50

    NOTE: All pools must be joined in order and cannot be skipped, so to be in Pool 6 requires a total deposit of $100 in WESA Tokens and returns a minimum of $150 over 30 days.

    Last month's Pool 5 winner had only been a member for a few days, so join now and Stake NOW!

    No WESA Tokens - No worry - we'll help you get started with paypal or altcoins

    The top prize this month for Pool 6 members is likely to be around $5,000; and YOU could be the winner; but don't forget.....

    there are hundreds of additional prizes ranging from about $1 to thousands of dollars and you could be a lucky winner in all the Pools!

    Its absolutely free money as a gift from the We Share Abundance Community, so get in position NOW!

    Its Simple, Its Revolutionary and It Works!

    You can get started FREE (but bettter if you have from $2 to $100 to deposit for a 50% a month profit)

    Its the place where losing is not allowed and EVERYONE WINS...

    Thought For The Day - FLEXIBILITY: How flexible are you? Not physically but mentally?

    Stay Safe,
    Tommie McNeill
    p.s. A Community of Givers!

    p.s. "Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible." ~ Tony Robbins - Author-Public Speaker-Life Coach

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