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  • The FREE Lottery Draw will take place very soon, BUT....

    You have to be In To Win!

    It does not require a purchase, just a deposit (called a Stake) for as little as $2 in WESA Tokens that will earn you a 50% profit over a 30 day period.

    Here are some results from last month's lottery and this month is GUARANTEED to be BIGGER....

    Pool 1 Deposit $ 2 receive $3.00 Plus ticket for Pool 1 Lottery (Top prize last month) $ 210.60
    Pool 2 Deposit $ 3 receive $4.50 Plus ticket for Pool 2 Lottery (Top prize last month) $ 294.50
    Pool 3 Deposit $ 5 receive $7.50 Plus ticket for Pool 3 Lottery (Top prize last month) $ 424.62
    Pool 4 Deposit $10 receive $15.00 Plus ticket for Pool 4 Lottery (Top prize last month) $ 733.75
    Pool 5 Deposit $20 receive $30.00 Plus ticket for Pool 5 Lottery (Top prize last month) $1,240.00
    Pool 6 Deposit $60 receive $90.00 Plus ticket for Pool 6 Lottery (Top prize last month) $3,142.50

    NOTE: All pools must be joined in order and cannot be skipped, so to be in Pool 6 requires a total deposit of $100 in WESA Tokens and returns a minimum of $150 over 30 days.

    Last month's Pool 5 winner had only been a member for a few days, so join now and Stake NOW!

    No WESA Tokens - No worry - we'll help you get started with paypal or altcoins

    The top prize this month for Pool 6 members is likely to be around $5,000; and YOU could be the winner; but don't forget.....

    there are hundreds of additional prizes ranging from about $1 to thousands of dollars and you could be a lucky winner in all the Pools!

    Its absolutely free money as a gift from the We Share Abundance Community, so get in position NOW!

    Its Simple, Its Revolutionary and It Works!

    You can get started FREE (but bettter if you have from $2 to $100 to deposit for a 50% a month profit)

    Join us here now; its the place where losing is not allowed and EVERYONE WINS...

    Thought For The Day - FLEXIBILITY: How flexible are you? Not physically but mentally?

    Just follow these simple steps..

    1. Register here:
    2. Verify your email ( you can't log in until you do this). Check spam folders if not in your inbox and if you still have trouble put in a support ticket.
    3. From the dropdown menu in your office select "Pool Optiions"
    4. Choose the Pools you wish to enter and add them to the cart (Pools must be entered in order). If you choose all 6 Pools and stake within 48 hours of registration you will get an instant $25 cash back reward.
    5. View cart and review the items
    6. Checkout and select payment method .
    If you already hold some crypto assets you can select to use them with the coinpayment options. Time usually about 20 minutes to complete but can be 2 or 3 hours.
    If you are experienced in trading Crypto then you can buy WESA Tokens in the Waves exchange and upload them to your WSA Wallet and stake pools with them. Time, can take upto 8 hours depending on when you request your deposit as these are processed manually.

    To recap; Deposit $125 within 48 hours of registration and get an instant $25 cash back
    PLUS $5 a day for 30 days
    PLUS 6 FREE entries into our monlthly lottery where you can win prizes ranging from a few dollars to thousands of dollars
    Thanks, Stay Safe,
    Tommie McNeill

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    Nov 29th 2020 at 1:21 PM by Siamak Ensafi
    Thanks for sharing :)
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