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  • Mar 17th 2022 at 10:08 AM
    Let's Play at Rollercoin


    Have you heard ROLLERCOIN? It's a website the gives you 1 token (RLT) and 7 different crypto coins including the most famous cryptos, the Bitcoin (BTC) and Etherium (Eth). The mechanics to earn Coins are very simple. The site provided a virtual mining where all you need is to have mining powers. And there are two ways to have mining powers.

    ×Buy miners
    ×Play Games

    -Buying miners is the easiest way but you need to invest on the game. Investing on this game is good because they are already running for a couple of years and already had 2M+ members and 50k+ daily active members which prove that the site is not scam.

    -Play Games this is my highly recommended one compare to the other method. Because here you work hard for it while enjoying the classic games of the 90s. Everytime you win the game, the reward you get is the mining power valid for 24 hours.

    There are 11 games available on Rollercoin

    ×Token Blaster
    ×Flappy Rocket
    ×Crypto Hamster
    ×Token Surfer
    ×Lambo Rider

    Continuous playing and win and your virtual PC, which operate your mining, will be upgraded from Level 1 to Level 4. As your PC level increase, the validity of your earned mining power became longer.

    Level 1 up to 1 day
    Level 2 up to 3 days
    Level 3 up to 5 days
    Level 4 up to 7 days

    What's the good news for having a higher level PC? It means on the second day you play the game and win, the mining power you get will be added to your existing and unexpired mining power which you get from your yesterday or a couple of days winnings. And this is how you will increase your mining power and how to maximize it. But remember you should atleast play one game every 24 hours to maintain or else your PC level will be reset to Level 1.

    ROLLERCOIN games could be played on mobile phones, laptop and desktop

    You should try it now. Click ROLLERCOIN

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