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scuba, canoeing, camping, cycling, science, chess, cooking (Mexican and Indian cuisines, my favorites)

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  • Hi y'all:)
    I have used 12 Second Commute since 2013. I didn't take good look at it till 2017. It is a powerful list building autoresponder and marketing platform. It is a stable, reliable tool for lead generation and email marketing. I use 12SC features to:

    1) build my list (1,800+)
    2) track my links
    3) create splash pages
    4) create lead capture pages
    5) run my digital mall of ClickBank poducts here
    6) use the blogging platform
    7) sampe blog articles you can use / modify
    8) hundreds of royalty-free images

    ...all for $12 per month.

    With 12 Second Commute, you will get the tools you need to succeed online and even if you don't know what some of the features are, you will learn what they are and how they are going to help you as you progress.

    There is no fluff in 12 Second Commute and everything included is geared for marketers. With over 15 years experience, 12SC know how to help their clients achieve RESULTS! 12 Second Commute is the premiere resource for everyone who wants to work online from the comfort of their own home.

    With our FREEmium Offer, you can afford to start doing things properly, and achieve great results starting TODAY! You took the time to visit so why not take the time to review the tools that we have on offer, put 12 Second Commute to use, you too can then see what a difference 12 Second Commute can make to your business.

    To start a FREEmium account go to

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