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  • Sep 2nd 2021 at 8:58 AM
    History with TE's Part 2

    What made EasyHits4U unique was it's ability to target traffic for extended periods of up to 40 seconds and specific countries and regions (for additional credit costs, of course).

    It also had, and has, top of the line anti-tampering software.

    That being said it lacked one major thing which left it open to vulnerability in the Traffic Exchange (TE) world when it comes to competition.

    However, no one thought of it until the last few years.

    More on that tomorrow.

    In the mean time comment with your thoughts below,

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    Sep 2nd 2021 at 10:59 AM by Nelson DaSilva
    Bro to me EH4U is a great site even today. I have been upgraded in there for years and for em its one of the best TE around even today. But, in my opinion most if at 90% of the TE today are just garbage. I'd say about a handful are good.
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