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    League of Legends is the brightest representative of the MOBA genre. Bets on LoL are diverse. Let's take a look at the most popular lines https://apexmap.io/league-of-legends-betting.

    League of Legends bets on outcomes

    Outcome: who will win the meeting

    The classic type of betting is to predict the winner of the match. The main format of the meetings is Best of 5 (a series of up to 3 wins). The outcome is the most multi-component type of bet, in which many factors should be taken into account.

    Two indicators are of key importance - this is the form of the team and the statistics of personal meetings. Consider these factors in combination. If earlier one team lost out to another, but this year it has gained a crazy shape, then you should not discount it.

    Total: total score

    Champion kills count towards the match. The bettor can predict the total score of kills (“frags”) between the two teams. Two factors are central to the prediction of this line: meta and statistics.

    Meta is the fashion and specific features of patches (game updates). If the meta favors a lot of frags, then there will be a lot of kills. At the same time, statistics should be taken into account. Some teams prefer to control key objects on the map, rather than jump into trouble with a hot head.

    First Blood: Predicting the First Kill

    The famous type of betting - First Blood - is also in League of Legends. Bettors can predict which team will make the first kill on the map. "First blood" in many cases depends on the personal skill of the forester ("Jungler"). Competent exit from the forest to the line with the subsequent murder (gank) is a frequent and ubiquitous phenomenon.

    Killing Nashor/Dragon/Herold

    In LoL, control of key objects is extremely important. They are various "monsters" - Baron Nashor, Dragons and Herold. When killing key objects, the team receives bonuses (“buffs”), from faster movement to increased damage.

    The bettor can predict which team will take one of the key objects. When killing, control and speed are of great importance, and these qualities directly depend on the jungler. Consider Jangler's personal skill. Equally important is the Champion. Some heroes (Warwick) can pick up the Herald at 4 minutes, while other junglers (Kain) cannot defeat the objects.

    Tournament Winner/Advance to Grand Final

    A common type of bet is to determine the winner of the tournament or the teams that will reach the final. The form of the team during the season is of key importance. Favorites who have performed well in the long run, as a rule, more often than others get into the finals. Consider stability at long range, not aggressiveness at close range.

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