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My biggest interest is travel. I was a travel agent for over 15 years and have been to 36 countries so far. I also love music and have an extremely eclectic mix of genres I enjoy. I love animals - particularly our 6 ducks and 2 labradors - a 6 year old black boy and a 12 week old yellow girl.
I love the online space and enjoy helping people to earn passively online.
Lastly I enjoy diamond painting and other similar crafts and reading, although don't have as much spare time to do so lately.
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  • Jun 25th 2022 at 6:50 AM

    Sometimes life can be tough. This is a year where I am trying to organise my wedding; now have to find a new home by the end of the year in a market which is insane (both rentals and sales); it's the 10 year anniversary of a couple of negative things in my life; and there a number of other things I'd prefer not to share.

    But one thing that is going well and that I'm enjoying is building my online presence/income. Each day I learn something new and am currently in the process of creating a Daily Method of Operation that I stick with consistently.

    Do you have a DMO for your online business? What do you love to do?

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