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  • Welcome To MINEBASE.

    MINEBASE is a Token that's created through fees and uses the entire Crypto market.

    There are more than 300 Million users in the Crypto market and in the end of the year 2022 it's expected to reach 1 Billion.

    Today there are more than 10000 Cryptocurencies worldwide and the value of all Crypto coin 60 Billion 24 hour.

    The annual transaction is 4.38 Trillion. The Crypto market is one of the fastest growing markets ever.

    About MINEBASE

    1. New possiblity to create Tokens.
    2. Free for everyone without investment.
    3. Environmentally friendly without large energy input.
    4. The entire Crypto network is used.
    5. Is controlled with a smartcontract.
    6. Anyone can use the CTP (Creative Token Production) System.

    The Token is created through fees.

    Through the blockchain technology, it is possible to see at Etherscan (Etherium network), decentraized exchanges and Bitcoin network, all the transactions and the fees that are paid by each of these wallet addresses.

    For example, if you deposit your own wallet address with MINEBASE you will be credited with the fees incured by the wallet address. The initial CTP price for the MINEBASE Token is $6.50. So the $6.50 in fees incured in this wallet address, you will receive the MINEBASE Token. ALL wallet addresses from Etherscan are used by MINEBASE for this process (CTP). 1.15 Million transactions on Etherscan everyday.

    The more tokens are created the higher the CTP price.
    The CTP price could rise from $6.50 to potentially $793.041. For example, when 60 MIllion tokens are reached the CTP price rises $6.50. After 80 Million tokens are created the CTP price is $8.28 and so on.

    Every user have the same possibility to use the CTP System with the Smartphone. The time is the factor, when you turn on the app and press start you'll get $0.26 from $6.50 per hour. It is called Period Of Time. That means you can carry the phone with you and create the token. As the CTP value of the token increases, you will receive more per hour.

    The earlier you start, the more tokens you can create.

    Therefore, do not lose time and start with MINEBASE.

    For more information please visit the website.

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