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  • May 5th 2020 at 3:33 PM
    Earning Online with Traffic Exchanges

    Hi Guys
    While the World is again facing tough times due to Corona Virus and there is lockdown happening almost everywhere as precautionary measure and people doing "Work From Home" in those times Ever wondered how to earn online by surfing ,playing games and chatting at the same time ,then look no further to register yourself at these Traffic exchanges.
    They will not make your Wealthy overnight ,but will help assist you make a decent living if you do appropriate marketing and play it intelligently.
    So Please find some of the sites which I prefer.
    I had been owing some Good surfing Teams @ Zubeezone by name of "Ajay's Old school surfing team" and also have a Team by my name at "Click Track Profit" also.After Taking a break from Surfing for a year duje to some personal exigencies ,I am coming back in The online surfing world.
    Before Starting with Traffic Exchange sites let me first recommend you registering @ VIRAL TRAFFIC GAMES since it is virtually registered with every traffic exchange and gives out in-surfing cash prizes on Traffic exchanges besides its own competitions.


    Another Inbuilt Game which one can look at and playing while surfing in most Traffic Exchanges to earn money is "The Food Game"

    Latest Additions :
    1.Surfing champions
    2.Trucking Traffic
    3.Great White Hits
    5.Hits Voodoo
    6.Bunny Hits
    7.Egyptian Surf
    8.View Ads Quickly
    9.Traffic Jenie
    10.Finest Traffic
    11.Chihuahua Hits
    12. 4 Promos

    List Of Preferred Traffic Exchanges/Mailers
    List of TE's and mailers
    1 AdMasterPlus
    2 AdvertisingMaximizer
    3 Awesome-Hits
    4 BitCoinBlizzard
    5 ClickRoadsTE
    6 ElevatedTraffic
    7 Fabulous-Te
    8 HipHopWithTraffic
    9 HitFunnel
    10 HotFlashHits
    11 MoneyMakersXchange
    12 MousumiTraffic
    13 Pistol-Packing-Mama
    14 Postman Hits
    15 QueenOfHeartsHits
    16 RealHitz4u
    17 RedStagHits
    18 Rewards4-Surfing
    19 Sakura-Traffic
    20 SeaStarHits
    21 Sotuk Traffic
    22 Splash-Wave
    23 SurfWithTheTitans
    24 TESearch
    25 TheHappyPigCountry
    26 TrafficFlying
    27 TrafficPi
    28 TrafficSpeedway
    29 TrafficSwirl
    30 Vinrasta
    31 WildHogHits
    32 FastCashMailer
    33 MailerNinja
    34 RedStagMailer
    35 Signups4YourBiz
    36 ExplosiveTraffic
    37 RapidDownline
    38 TrafficProfitPro
    39. Click Voyager
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