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  • Dec 23rd 2022 at 2:51 AM

    dordle is a popular spinoff of the popular game Wordle. Unlike the first game, you have to guess two words at the same time. When you play the game, your words go into two fields at the same time on a double field. You have six chances, as usual, to figure out which two words are hidden in the game.

    What is a Dordle?

    By doubling the number of grids, Dordle adds an interesting new twist to Wordle by making the game twice as hard. Its tagline says that Dordle is "Double Wordle," which is an exact copy of Wordle with two grids that give you 7 chances to figure out two secret words.

    The goal is to find the hidden words in each grid with just one set of guesses. For each guess, word entries are put into both grids at the same time. Word game fans who want a little more from their word games will find that Dordle is a huge step up from Wordle in terms of how hard it is.

    How to play the Dordle game?

    You have to guess two five-letter words at the same time, but you can only type in one word at a time.
    Green: correct letter and place in the word
    Yellow: right letter, wrong place
    Gray: Not a letter in the word
    Get ready for Dordle, a new take on Wordle with fun puzzles and improvements that make it easier to use. To win, the player must guess the new word correctly and then pick the best answer. Each round, players can only make seven wrong guesses, so try to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible.
    Do you really think you can learn how to talk like Dordle? Now, step up to the plate!

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