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  • Jan 9th 2023 at 1:40 PM
    THE Wellness Company!!

    Why are we called "THE" Wellness Company?
    Firstly we've been in business of delivering safer wellness based products since 1985!! Can you think of any other wellness company that's been delivering "wellness" that long and has done so with continued growth while remaining totally debt free?
    During this time THE Wellness Company has paid out PAID out...well over 6.8 BILLION (YES Billion with a "B") to its members simply for sharing the products we love.
    I personally have been enjoying these products for over 20 years and absolutely love them being delivered right to my door!
    Yes we are "THE" Wellness Company!!
    There is no “investment.” customers purchase only what they will use up on a monthly basis.
    I'm always looking for new customers within North America and beyond! We're set up in many parts of Europe and even have stores set up in parts of Asia but we're obviously not available in all countries. Please feel free to message me directly to find out if these products "INSPIRED BY NATURE PROVEN BY SCIENCE" are available in your country.
    Oh and I forgot to mention THE WELLNESS COMPANY manufactures over 90% of what we sell! YES straight from the manufacturer to your door! Who else does that!?

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