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  • Jun 27th 2020 at 7:49 PM
    What Do I Do Now To Start Earning?


    In this post I'm going to try and help answer a question that was recently asked of me regarding the topic of earning money with an Online Business.

    First, before you even consider the steps involved with creating your own Online Empire, you must come to terms with the fact that there are 'No Get Rich Quick' opportunities that are real.

    For instance, if you're advertising your Business in a Manual Traffic Exchange and you come across someone else's Website that says 'Make $1,000 USD A Week Simply Mailing Postcards' -- It's A Scam --

    With SFI, you must be diligent and steadfast in your approach, realizing that you must put time into your creation.

    With that said, if a potential team mate asks you "What Do I Do Now To Start Earning"? you can simply explain the Rewardical Program and mention that they can get 50 Free Tokens for registering with the New Push Notifications. And when they have accumulated enough, they can redeem the for Cash, Bitcoin, ETC.

    You can learn about earning rewardicals by clicking this link:

    Currently, 606 RT = $1.00 USD Bitcoin and 690 RT = $1.00 USD Cash - $25 Minimum if you're redeeming for Bitcoin - $.01 Minimum for Cash. Want 25 Free Rewardicals? Go Here:

    Naturally, your potential new team mate may now ask you "How Can I Continue To Earn Rewardicals?' In that instance, you can tell them that if they simply achieve EA status, they can earn from the activity of their Personally Referred Members, Personally Sponsored Affiliates, Etc

    Remember, readers are leaders.

    To your success,

    Patrick Doolin

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