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  • Greetings, fellow affiliates! I hope you're all doing well and having fun!

    Speaking of fun - I feel that if you're not having fun in this business than why are you here? And yes, making money is, of course, REALLY fun!

    However, I want to talk specifically about the fun that can be had here with all the the great new - - and old games - and auctions available - - to us; and how we can use gamification and customization to leverage the monumental amount of money that is flowing in that sea of opportunity.

    Here are some truly astounding stats from an excellent example of a game that is FREE TO PLAY and uses customization and differing challenges to rake in MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars:

    That game is Fortnite - and it's creator, Epic Games, just recently celebrated the FIRST BIRTHDAY of their golden egg laying baby and, get this ...

    I just researched their revenue and it is estimated that they have made more than 1 BILLION dollars, yes that is a 1 followed by 9 Zeros - 1,000,000,000

    How do they make that much?

    1. - They have a team of dedicated people that constantly create new dance moves to buy, emotes to show-off, and skins for a character to wear; as well as new in-game challenges to participate in. Note: These are purchasable items that grant the character cosmetic abilities. They also sell an optional season pass that grants extra challenges and ways to earn said items above.

    2. - They are constantly evolving and adding value to their FREE game which, in turn, creates hungry buyers that are happy to support the service that has brought them such a great value.

    3. - They fix anything and everything quicker than greased lightning. All problems, bugs, glitches, fairness issues and the like are nipped in the bud with nearly supernatural speed. That keeps people from leaving their service.

    I would like for us affiliates to all learn something valuable from this.

    So, what have you learned from this? Your thoughts please.

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