Murielle Durlin
Canisy, Normandy, France
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Passionné pour l'Internet, particulièrement le Marketing.
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  • TRASTRA was founded in 2017 by Roman Potemkin - FinTech professional and serial entrepreneur with 10 years experience in digital banking development, founder of iDA mobile, Instabank, and UPUP.
    TRASTRA is a banking for buy&sell crypto purposes, headquartered in London, United Kingdom. TRASTRA combines the benefits of digital currencies with traditional payment infrastructure. Our mission is to make cryptocurrency easy usable in day-to-day life.
    This is how we provide our customers with powerful solutions to fulfill all their crypto needs: TRASTRA Payment card:
    - Free to order
    - Available in EUR and USD
    - Load card from crypto wallets via exchange
    - Withdraw funds at any ATM
    - Spend at any place accepting VISA, POS or ePOS
    - Link with Google Pay and Samsung Pay
    - Pay in one touch with PayPass
    - Manage card on-the-go in the TRASTRA App Crypto to fiat money exchange:
    - Links crypto wallets with TRASTRA Payment card
    - Exchanges cryptocurrency to EUR/USD
    - Makes transactions instant
    - Removes the need to use 3rd party services Cryptocurrency wallets:
    - Store, send and receive the 5 most popular cryptocurrencies
    - Exchange BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP with EUR/USD
    - Select mining fee for faster Bitcoin transactions
    - Control all operations in your Activity Log
    - Be secured with Multi-Sig and 2FA
    - Spend crypto in real life All dedicated customers are awarded with PRO User status making exchange rates lower for them.

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