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  • Music has the unparalleled advantage to refresh our minds from a very exhausting long day. It actually adds magic to bring forth much needed energy to tackle the next chore ahead. *Billie Jean Michael Jackson - Fabiola Harper*

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    Nov 3rd 2018 at 9:13 AM by Heather Spencer
    This is a great cover of the song on harp! I discovered a new artist today, thank you! I also love to do work and chores to instrumental music without words because it energizes without distracting. I'm headed over to check out the site listed above it now I'm curious :-) Thank you for sharing! Heather
    Nov 3rd 2018 at 9:21 AM by Noli Panginen
    wow..! I just found a new friend in you Heather and I owe it to the Harp music cover of Fabiola Harper for Billie Jean ... Thanks again my new found friend Heather. Thanks also to Klara for this addictive Social feature of HFH. :)
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